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    well guess since i became a lurker now is good time as any to introduce myself
    i am a shy kinda guy around any forum(dont like talking much online or in RL)
    as it can be told by the fact im here :P i have an interest in diapers
    i like the elder scrolls series (morrowind,oblivion,now skyrim)
    i collect swords,like dogs, place family above all else, love my black and red psp :P
    and i am here as their are like minded people here
    PS (thank you SPDDAN for that "cheat sheet" for introduction)

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    Hello prince of insanity, It's nice to finally hear from you, well frist off... WELCOME TO ADISC!!! whats your favorite Elder Scroll? And what do you have in your sword collection?

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    ^YES that has to be the fastest someone has got my name lol id have to say oblivion for the mods, and skyrim for vanilla, in my collection i have an Spanish sword (replica decor) a Spanish dagger (not a sword but who cares), 2 self made wooden 2H swords( think black part of ichigos blade and squalls gun blade without barrel and revolver parts, and a indonesian headhunter dagger (lovely back hand grip and its what its designed for) and a black wooden practice katana i bought at shenshi-con in anchorage (small but fun)

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    Nice, don't forget wabba Jack is in your arsenal. I take it your also a final fantasy fan then?

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    lol how could i forget to put that in my post FF13 slightly disappointing hated getting gil got FF13-2 pre-ordered form amazon (im gonna make omega my pet >) ) have FF7 on my psp never played FF8 played dissadia and KH though and tactics

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    Welcome, eh. You won't know what most of us are talking aboot.

    Just kidding. :3

    But welcome :>

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