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Thread: what is the wildest thing you have done while diapered up?

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    Default what is the wildest thing you have done while diapered up?

    so I am wondering what the craziest thing yall have done while diapered?

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    gone shopping with parents for pants D:

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    Yeah.and how did that go?c well as for me I have done nothing to hide that I wear a diaper. In fact I kinda wanna be discovered..

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    it went well, i was just very nervous, nobody saw me anyways >//<

    i also spent a whole day in an amusement park in the same diaper... and not a good one D:

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    Diapering up with a friend at a sci fi convention in a hotel. We did not have a room to change in so we changed at the top of a stairwell where the staff had stashed a peed on mattress. Then again in the bathroom of a room they had cleared out to show movies in. We went to the dance with pacifiers clipped onto our cloths and some friends asked about them.

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    That is truly for me I took a walk around my yard in nothing but a diaper..granted it was night. But I do have was exhilarating..

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    I've gone to the park and flown my kite, someone I knew saw me and said Hi. It wasn't until later that I realized the screwdriver (I use it to stake my kite string into the ground) in my back pocket was holding my shirt up, anyone who cared to notice would have seen my diaper sticking out the back.

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    I've done things that I shouldn't have done in diapers. Nothing immoral or illegal, but very risky. Like running down the street in my neighborhood late at night wearing nothing but diapers and a ruffled panty cover. But the craziest was once when I knew I was going to be in a school after everyone had left for the evening. I had brought all of my things with me. When everyone was gone I walked through the halls loudly asking if anyone was still here, just to be sure. I changed into my things: little girl dress, diapers, ruffled plastic pants, mary janes, in the girls restroom. Then I ran up and down the halls and played in the gym for as long as I dared. My heart was beating about a thousand times a minute. I changed back into my clothes in the girls restroom again and left. I still can't believe I did that.

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    Ok Jayne that is true awesome..if only I had the nerve to do something like that..but it is good to see people embracing their love of diapers in so many different ways..hats ( or d's) off to you

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    Thanks Tempest. I don't recommend this type of behavior. It is something I will remember the rest of my life, but was it worth the risk? Not sure if it's nerve or lack of brains. But it was so much fun!

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