Hey all, due to a change in relationship status I am now able to wear 24/7. While the relationship thing is not so great the diapers definitely are. In my first week of 24/7 (well its actually only been like 3 days) I've averaged about 4 diapers a day and I've messed myself 4 or 5 times, that is a record for me. My babykins order should arrive next week and after checking for fit I'll be able to order lots more. I drive a tow truck 6 days a week for 12 hour shifts so changing is an issue but I've found local 7/11's to have nice large private washrooms and the store is so noisy nobody hears me changing. I've already acquired some Tena supers, Lilfit supreme and Tranquility ATN's. I also got some goodnites and pampers size 7 for diaper stuffers. I think on my next order to babykins I am going to get their change pad because I haven't been able to find a old school changing pad (the type that was made from some kind of waterproof material) I am also loving my Baby Powder,Pampers wipes and pacifiers. and I picked up some Vaseline so as not to get a bum rash.

Anyhow TTYL Derek