The following updates have been made today:

  1. We now have "featured posts" listed on the homepage.
    1. These are selected from the posts that have got positive reputation recently.
    2. ECs (and higher) may "report" these, if they do not feel they deserve to be featured.
    3. Reporting a post will generally instantly remove it from the homepage. Please report carefully!

  2. Quote notifications now arrive by email.
    1. If you want them via PM (or not at all), change your setting here.

  3. PM Notification emails will now the sender's username in the subject.
  4. Some IRC SSL errors have been addressed.
    1. Anyone *still* getting errors when using SSL should try connecting to WWW dot adisc dot org, instead of irc dot adisc dot org.
    2. The port remains 7001.

  5. The "groups" box on the homepage has been reduced in size.
    1. It now only shows the 3 most recently active groups.
    2. You can still click a "show more" link to see the rest of your groups.

These updates are the result of hard work from our new developer, Macky.