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    Default Hello there

    I'm xLightning. I'm a DL as I do like the comfort and look of diapers. It's my own little secret no one else knows besides myself.

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    Her, xLightning, welcome to the site!

    Why don't you tell us something about you, other than diapers? What hobbies do you have? What music do you like? What's your favourite book? Favourite film? Do you like video games? Stuff like that.


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    Welcome to the site xLightning.
    Anything else you could tell us?

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    Aside from my stress relief method. I'm a gamer on both the 360, PS3, and PC. I enjoy reading and have embarked on a quest to read through all the Star Wars books. I also like anime. DL is just a fetish for me.

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    hi xLightning,

    Lots of people here are *BDL for stress relief (and not necessarily a "fetish").
    We have lots of gamer groups here (no pun intended [as in 'wi'] )

    Have fun getting to know the site and making freinds from all over the planet!

    Just curious, when did you 1st start to like diapers? (I was 11)
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    Quote Originally Posted by xLightning View Post
    I think I was around 17 yrs old?
    ok awesome!

    Just curious.... What do you best about ADISC so far?

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