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    I was just watching an interesting show in Discovery Health called Body in Numbers and they said that the average baby uses 2,190 diapers within it's first birthday. So how many diapers do you think an average *b/dl uses in a lifetime and how many diapers a person that is incontinent uses in their lifetime?

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    Depends on the *B/DL but I'm guessing not that much more, since many of us either cannot afford a large supply, or can't get/use them because of living arrangements.

    Incontinent person...shite-loads....sometimes literally :P

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    If my calculations are correct, then a baby goes through 6 diapers a day. That seems like a lot, works out to one every four hours. Not sure if this is correct, perhaps someone with some experience working with kids would elaborate. I don't know about you guys, but I definatly don't go through 6 a day if i'm really wearing for the full day. My guess is that the average adult might go through 3 or 4 a day.

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    6 or 7 a day is about right for a baby. Or at least that's what my friend's baby goes through in a day.

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    I use one or two disposables a day (school/afterschool), more if I'm out most of the day. Most people can't afford disposables all day/night, so we tend to use cloth when we can

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    my calculation, based on about 4 a day is about 1500

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    Did the numbers figuring on that, if a person goes through 4 adult diapers a day for a full year, that works out to an average of 75 packs of diapers if its 20 per pack which seems about average. If there just store quality diapers that works out to $1,125 per year. Ouch that's a lot of money, my heart goes out to those that need them all the time every day.

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    Well... wearing 24/7 I figure I go through 62 Drys and probably 30 Attends per month. So that's 92 diapers per month. Multiply by 12... carry the 1... that's 1104 diapers per year... about 3 diapers per day.

    Further calculation on this...

    Drys cost $1.04 each... Attends run around $0.78 each. So you figure that's $87.88 a month... which is $1054.56 a year. Not counting any special purchases like Bambinos or any cloth diapers. All that just so I can pee in my pants.

    Now to figure LuvsGurl into the equation. When she's not wearing 24/7 she uses about 40 diapers per month... mostly Drys. So add another $500 to the yearly figure. That's $1554.56 yearly just spent on diapers.

    So ya see kids... hard-core diaper wearing isn't for the faint of heart... or thin of wallet. Get a good job, work hard, and maybe you can do it too. I'm just glad I don't have any other habits like smoking or drinking a lot or etc. I couldn't afford it all.
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