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    What to you says little girl or sissy, on how hair is styled? Is it pigtails, a single or double ponytail, braids or how long the hair is? Also, from time to time, do you style your hair that way?

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    I wouldn't be able to say.
    Though in real life my hair is quite long for being a guy, if I measure it...
    *yes I'm actually measuring it!*
    It's about 43 centimeters from the top of my head, to the lowest hanging hairs.

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    Well I am working on growing my hair out. I'm looking for near shoulder length, maybe a little longer. An I'm gonna turn it to a kind of strawberry blonde color and a friend of mine is gonna make it more feminine and GIRLY. She knows I'm a sissy.

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    The high pig tails/high ponytail is kinda girly, and braided pigtails seems a little girly too.

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    I'd say curls would be the sissiest hair, and of course long hair. I'm not talking big curls, more like very wavey hair.

    I'd don't really like pig tails or pony tails, because if somebody did that to my hair I'd feel more dumb than embarrassed.
    Curly hair would be embarrassing though.

    I think curly hair is more subtle, whereas pig tails are dramatically girly. But then sissy clothing is so over the top, I'm not sure why I draw the line with hair. But now that I think about I do draw the line with hair... curls that weren't subtle would look dumb too...

    If I saw a dude with cute, curly, girly hair I'd find that cute... but a dude with pig tails I wouldn't find cute at all... I'd just think he looked silly.

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    I like pigtails because the are so extremely girlish. I've never seen a boy, or a man with pigtails. Ponytails, however, are not exclusively feminine hairstyles. Back in the 60's, I had a single, very long ponytail for a while, and I also wore my hair in double, braided ponytails too.

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    I have wavy hair that has slightly curly bangs which is just past shoulder length, its long enough to tie back except the fringe.
    it flops in my face one side unless i use a hair clip or bobby pin. my parting is slightly to one side as i think it looks more feminine that way than having it in the middle. It means if a stray bit gets loose i have the little bit that adds an extra girlish look and i cant help tucking it back, so it helps on my feminine mannerisms too.

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    in my female persona I have long blonde hair. my black hair doesn't even grow out, it sucks! If i ever go full sissy, i'm getting a wig

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    When I was in college, and several years after, I had long, shoulder length, wavy/curly hair. Ah...those were the days.

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    I would say braids or pig tails for sissy hair. although lately I've gotten into putting my hair in a small pony tail, and then using pins to keep the part even.

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    i have curly hair.natural spiral curls to be exact before i cut it it was down to my waist/belt line. with my slender build i am often mistaken for a girl. sometimes i put hair clips in to make a pony tail. but mostly leave it loose. decided to go ahead and get a little girls style cut.since im always mistaken for a girl.

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