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    I am writing this I have been going thur them both for about 2 months now. or so but what i have seem to notice is that when going into an attack that i am thank for having a diaper on at the time.
    Bc almost everytime i go into one i seem to wet my self its like i lose 100% control my body What I am asking has anyone eles every been thur this or has happen to?
    Afew weeks ago i was walking home from going out eating dinner an all an i was about half way home an one hit an right before it i felt all hipper an dizzy an heart racing an all that then my bladder just let go with out warrning it was kinda scary but glad i was padded at the time. i had my wife right there with me an everything. I new what i was going thur but she was there to look out for me an all that. an i told her thank god i had a diaper on. she said why b.c it all just let go. she said thats fine an dont worry about that i will take care of it when we get home...
    Anyone know how to get the attacks to go away with out pills heh i dont wanna be a zombie even know having one an wetting my self is a rush an everything i would like to do it on my time an all that ?
    Just trying to get some helpful info an sharing a story at the same time.

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    That's not normal. You may want to see a doctor about that. If not tr looking it up on Mayo Clinic or google it.

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    I been dealing with attacks sence 2005 now. but i read up on it an they said it can happen. an what not. bc you goto in fight/fear mode an what not. they just got worse now that all the stress i been going thur with losing my kids an all that to the state an trying to get them back an fight in court for the last 6 month's now.

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    I used to get severe panic attacks and I would lose control of my bladder, it used tafto happen almost daily. While some of you may say ah cool, well I would have done anything to make them stop. I used therapy and medication for about 5 years, and then weaned off. After that I started an intense workout program and that is what I believed has kept my bipolarism at bay, never been happier.

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    ya it not cool i hate it i want it to stop. i would give anything to make it stop but they say its all in the brain an everything an. I sit here everyday i dont even think about anything an then BAM hit hits me even when laying in bed just watching tv an all relaxed an BAM what the heck... I dont have medical or anything right now but i think about going to the free clinic an all an see what they can do. I dont wanna be on pills i just dont wanna have it anymore.... but from what i have read if you have an attack someone once an you end up in that same place again you can have one again b.c its where you had one before. as again its all in the brain but its just not that easy to get yes I have bipolar as well.. I think i might try an do something like you said a workout program an see if that helps an keeps it at bay i think once we have it we are stuck with it forever...

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    I have had Anxiety problems my whole life and I have had some pretty bad ones, none to the point were I lost control of my bladder though. If it is that bad maybe you should think about seeking a councillor, they can be very helpful and reassuring. Help you deal with the overall stress and teach you good techniques on how to deal with the attacks when they happen.

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    There are so many factors that could cause your situation of wetting. Sounds like a physical exam and complete evaluation of your issue by a doctor should be a high priority.

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    Don't knock pills entirely. I have a similar problem, and I hate taking any kind of medication at all. (drug addiction runs in my family) But there are medications that will work for a few hours, you take it right when you start having a panic attack and it will reduce it and you'll be calm for a little while after, but then it completely goes away and you'll be fine. It's something to think about.

    Also, I'm in the same boat as you. I don't loose control of my bladder when an attack happens, but yeah. The best thing to make it stop is to figure out your 'triggers'. What things cause it. Maybe every time it starts to happen, before it gets really bad, write down what you are/were doing. This will also help to slow things down a bit. When your calm and relaxed look over the list and see if there is anything at all in common. Maybe panic attacks happen when you see something you are afraid of. Or when you're particularly stressed and overwhelmed. Maybe they aren't panic attacks and they're seizures that are triggered by a ticking clock or something. Write this down so that you can review it later and if you decided to see a doctor you have something to tell them. Once you find the triggers, you can avoid them. However, this won't stop panic attacks completely, because sometimes they are random, or they are triggered by something entirely different.

    In those situations you just have to remember a few things. One, you are NOT dying. You are NOT having a heart attack. You ARE in full control...Okay maybe not full control, but you know what they say, fake it till you make it right? Part of the reason panic attacks can be so scary is because once it starts it hits like a tidal wave and things just snow ball. Your heart will race and you might get sweaty or shaky or dizzy or all three. Then you might start to get paranoid that something really bad is happening. Just try very hard to remove yourself from whatever situation you were in. Maybe call your wife and have her hold your hand or comfort you in some way. Then you need to tell yourself in your head to stop. Yell it in your head.

    What happens during a panic attack is pretty much what the poster above said. Your adrenaline rushes and your fight/flight kicks in. There is more to it than just that. But basically everything in your body starts to rush, you may say that you have no control over that type of thing, to which you'd be right in a certain extent.

    But it will help to tell yourself to stop. To tell yourself to relax. Those things seem nearly impossible to do, but if you're anything like me with panic attacks that last more than just a few minutes this very well may help. If you need more help and advice you can google "how to stop panic attacks" or something similar to that. A site I found pretty helpful was 4 simple steps to end a panic attack.

    I wish you the best of luck, and if these few steps don't work then please see a doctor. They can not force you to take meds if you aren't hurting anyone. But they can provide professional advice.

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    I have anxiety and I have experienced very similar panic attacks. I have had panic attacks while driving. My body has gone numb and my heart has been racing. I could barely drive! And I was enduring the anxiety for years until it really hit me and I could no longer create artwork, which is my passion. I felt incapable of doing anything. I was in a sort of hopeless fog.

    Now I'm on anti-anxiety medication and things are alot better. I have been creating artwork more than ever before and my stress is nearly nonexistent. However, I do want to get off the medication sooner or later. I don't want to be on meds forever. Another downside to the medication is that a side effect is short-term memory loss. :/

    Bottom line: I suggest therapy. Medication just won't resolve the problem. Learn how to relieve stress and fight off the anxiety attacks. I plan on taking this routine soon.

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