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Thread: Foreskin Restoration

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    Default Foreskin Restoration

    I heard about it just yesterday, and while I find it surprising that it's possible to "revert" circumcision, it seems to work. Apparently, applying stretching the remaining skin on the penis' shaft causes skin cells to grow, replacing the butchered foreskin people lose to circumcision.

    I want to try this. Partly because foreskin is improves sensitivity, partly because it is MEANT to be here for a reason (protection, for example), and mainly because I didn't get to choose to be circumcised, and I'd probably refuse if asked today.

    What I want to know are your views on circumcision and foreskin restoration, to put it simply.

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    Uh...I was never circumcised...And I don't want to be...I heard that it grows back in some circumstances

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pojo View Post
    Uh...I was never circumcised...And I don't want to be...I heard that it grows back in some circumstances
    What "circumstances"?

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    I also heard that the whole circumsision = cleanliness thing is just a myth. But I could be wrong, my parents didnt want me to go through that pain as a baby and why should they. Honestly I think the entire circumsision thing is vry odd, we are getting rid of a god given body part, its obvious that the little piece of skin serves a purpose if it didnt than evolution would have gotten rid of it by now. But its the parents choice so whatever I guess.

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    Yes, it does work. It's the simple principle of dermatology. If a constant tugging pressure is applied to the skin, it will form new cells and eventually grow back. I have seen devices that you tape around the foreskin, it's basically a weight. It keeps a constant tugging motion on the foreskin and in a few months, it will grow back.

    Thankfully, I'm not cut. ;-)

    secret101, research into circumcision has produced conflicting results about STDs and other hazards. But with the foreskin intact, your penis will look bigger, and sex is apparently more enjoyable.

    Furthermore, why did God spend nine months putting the damn thing there if its just going to be chopped off the minute you're born? In my opinion, it's an incredibly stupid and inhumane practice.

    When babies look like they're going to sleep after circumcision, they're in a state of neurogenic shock. An infant's central nervous system is over-developed compared an adult. This means they feel a lot more pain than we do under the same circumstances.

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    Quote Originally Posted by secret101 View Post
    But its the parents choice so whatever I guess.
    It shouldn't be. I have the right to do whatever I want with my body. >.>

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    Well I'm against circumcision because I feel it's unnecessary and it's something that you have no choice over (assuming it happens when you're a baby), and it's pretty much irreversible (this restoration sounds like a right pain, so maybe not 'irreversible' but it's still a major thing to do). Of course I would be against it because it's not done here culturally, so I look at this (when done for no medical reason) in a similar way as I do to other cultural practices (like female circumcision for example, but obviously that's worse in terms of effects).

    My view on foreskin restoration? No real view really, people can do what they want, it's their body.

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    I don't want my growing back, I'm glad my parent got me circumcision. To me, uncircumcised penis look ugly for some reason. Also there strong evidence, that male circumcision reduces the risk of heterosexually acquired HIV infection in men by approximately 60%. WHO | Male circumcision for HIV prevention

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    I have no problems with sensitivity and enjoy great penile (and anal) orgasms. Also, I'm too lazy to reverse the stupid decision of my parents. Don't cut off something that was meant to be there. None of my children will be circumcised.

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    I was cut, and in all honesty I don't have an issue with it. If I had the choice now on what I had back then I would probably so no to the idea, but since it's already done, I don't care that much. I still have pleasure, can still get off, and still have plenty of feeling down there .

    My parents chose it because my dad was cut, and on and on back in the family and they partly swayed by the 'myths' about cleanliness and all that. Whether or not the myths are true, I would NOT have my kid (if I ever had one) circumcised, but I'm not upset about the fact that I am.

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