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Thread: Great diaper selection for people near Toronto

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    Default Great diaper selection for people near Toronto

    I just went to a place called "Glen Erin Pharmacy" in Mississauga. They sell Tena, Attends, Tranquility, Molicare, and Abena! The first thing you see when you walk in is a huge selection of Abena products. I bought a 14 pack of Abena Abri Form M4 ($23) and there was no fuss or nervousness from the 2 women working there.

    I highly recommend checking it out.

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    cool ill have to check it out! thanks for letting me know! also are they the plastic backed ones or cloth?

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    lmao..there was a time that I used to bike down the street that pharmacy is located on. Yeaaaars ago....

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    They sell both! I bought the plastic backed of course.

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    Breaking news: Now there is a reason to go to Mississauga! (just kidding, I have no beef with Mississauga!)

    Good find! Now, everyone that can get there should go shopping and support what sounds to be a fine establishment.

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    What's the cross street? Glen Erin & ???

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    Here's the website. You can google map to get the exact location. I highly recommend checking it out.

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