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    Cool hi

    i love this site!
    i'm a ab/dl lover

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    Welcome Babygirldale88! ^^

    You'll find no argument from me, or a vast majority of members: I love ADISC too! ^^ However, that aside, we would like to know a little bit more about you, if you're up for sharing. Any specific event or experience that led you to join our ranks? Do you have any hobbies outside of ABDLism you enjoy partaking in?

    I only ask because while we are first and foremost an ABDL support site, we also talk about every other topic under the sun. Jumping in and taking part in a wide variety of discussions will give you a good feel for what we're all about, besides the 'padding' ^^

    Glad to have you here! See you around the boards!

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    Yes, Welcome! And Onecho is very much correct about the vast majority of us 'loving' ADISC! It's a very caring, supportive site!

    Also, as he said, we like to know more about each other. Mainly because, the more we know, the more accurate and helpful we can be with our answers for each other! So what should we know about you?

    Me, I'm single and from Kansas. I like reading, computers, bowling, and of course, diapers, amongst many other things. I stumbled onto this site a few months ago. I have had feelings in this way since at least age 4 or 5, and have never had contact with anyone else with similar feelings, and was trying learn more about why and how I have them. This site has been much more than I ever could have expected! Just be careful though, it'll get ya addicted! Heehee

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