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Thread: What makes someone a furry?

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    Default What makes someone a furry?

    Well although there isn't a load full of information on why AB/DL's like to wear diapers and what not, there still is some, such as AB's can go back to a time where they don't have to worry about world issues and what not.

    Now here's my question, how does one want to become a furry. What part of the mind tells us to want some cat ears and a tale?

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    It's different strokes for different folks.

    I, for one, like pretending to be a wild animal. But that is only my twisted view.

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    It's hard to describe. I can't say it's anything definite, such as an event or such. I simply always enjoyed being a little, fuzzy animal when I was younger. That and my AB side never really collided until I started viewing Jade Fox's page. From them on, when I would regress, I always imagined myself as a young fox. I couldn't get it out of my head and the two are now inseparable.

    I guess I love the innocence behind it. Regardless of what a puppy or kitten or kit does, they're just being themselves and no malice is ever intended. It seems to gel aptly with the mindset I go to in those times, one of unfettered happiness and simplicity.

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    I relate to my fursona. He's the real me because he doesn't have to hide who he is. I also just feel diffrent from other humans. I don't relate with them and feel more like I'm a small kobold stuck in a 6ft human body. I'd much rather be my fursona and that's what makes a furry. People who can relate to a charater on any degree or simply likes looking at the art.

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    There is no definate definition, but wanting to be a furry and saying you're a furry is usually enough. You don't have to want to be an animal, you can just like the artwork and want to be a part of that, or maybe you just like to play and the best way for you to do that is with a fursuit.

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    I think a good way of explaining the fandom is simple. A furry is something you are, sometimes more so than something you choose to be. A fursona plays so many roles in my life; he is a fictional character described in writing or art, but he is also a physical embodiment of my personality. A more feral, natural shape for a personality to take would conceivably be that of an animal, or an anthropomorphic animal, even. Ironically, sometimes my fursona feels like a personification of my human nature. The fandom is just something you bring yourself and your fursona into, or, alternatively, is something you discover, and then generate those characterizations from.

    Do I think I'm a dragon? No (read: outside the scope of this post). However, psychologically, my decisions and actions are influenced by the associations I form with a stronger, faster, more-orange, fictional version of myself that is a dragon. It's... such a benefit to my interactions with people, such a confidence boost knowing that I've delved so deeply into my own mind and personality, and come back with a gain.

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    Well, I was more or less forced into it by friends trying to convert me to the dark side... I just kinda went along with it. I thought, why the hell not? I'll try it out.

    Once I had put a lot of thought into it though, my fursona became a much more free version of myself. So yeah, I can see that as being a sort of outlet much in the way AB/DL is, though in a very different context of what exactly is being let out...

    Though with something as broad as furries, I don't think we will ever really be able to pinpoint it's reason...

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    I strongly beleive that I was a White Tiger in a previous life. I think being a furry is in the blood or the soul. I always wanted to be a circus Tiger. I relate to cats and most dogs a lot more that I do to humans. Nuff said.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lowie View Post
    Furry just means you like anthropomorphic animals. That's all.
    Yes, but I am trying to figure out, what makes someone become to the idea of wanting to be or, liking anthropomorphism,
    if that's better stated for you.

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