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    So i recently got my first cloth diaper from fetware .Im usually a disposable wearer but curiosity got the better of me and i ordered there pull on night time diaper and a pair of plastic pants .I tested it out this morning and it leaked on the first wetting.My question is is that normal ? The diaper feels like its made well and was snug at the time . It was straight out of the package pretty much having only worn it to bed last night .Do they need time to fluff out before there ready to be wet like should i wash it a couple times before i decide to try wetting them again? Any tips or tricks on wearing cloth diapers would be greatly appreciated as i really find them comfortable and would like to actually be able to enjoy wearing and using them without worrying about leaks on the first wetting.

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    Have you peeped it this is washing 5 times at least

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    As above, the absorbancy improves after washing a few times. It is the same if you buy a new hand or bath towel, but don't use fabric conditioner with the diapers as this can affect their performance to absorb liquids. You can fluff them up a bit by gently tumbling them in a dryer on a low setting.

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    I don't wear cloth (yet) but I've also heard that they will not reach their absorbency potential until they have been washed several times, and Louise is fabric softener. I can't wait to try cloth myself.

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    I agree. All the experts say to wash the diaper before wearing. This is necessary to get the sizing out of it used in the manufacturing process which interferes with absorbancy. Plus, cloth diapers tend to get softer with repeated washings.

    The trick to avoiding leaks with cloth is understanding how much cloth diaper you need. For example, I use medium size prefolds from Changing Times Diaper Company. These diapers are super absorbant and nice and soft. As absorbant as this diaper is, however, many nights I can't make it all the way through with out an early morning change. So, I line my medium prefold with a couple of flat guaze baby diapers I purchased from Babys R us. With this set up, I can confidently wet repeatedly all night long with no worries.

    I think with a little experimentation, you will be very happy with cloth.

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    Thanks for the comments everybody .I washed my diaper after this mornings usage and I'll definitely put it back in a couple more times before i try wetting again.

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    Washing in hot water wash about 3 times make a big difference in how good they will absorb.I have 4 1/2 dozen cloth that I have been using for
    years and don't have any problems with leaks. I do wear 2 mediums at nite so they are pretty thick.

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    I'm assuming you put on the cloth diaper and then the plastic pants, or is it an all in one diaper? Assuming you have separate plastic pants, they need to be tight enough around your waste and legs. That doesn't mean that they should be so tight that they hurt, just snug. I have a 32 inch waiste and wear size small, if that gives you any indication. That said, if you flood the cloth diaper, pee beyond it's capacity, then pee will run into the plastic pants and puddle. This will eventually leak out, even if the plastic pants are tight.

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    if this, Attachment 7479, is the one you got, it's not thick enough.
    try boosting it's performance by stuffing it with a towel. for night-time diapers, it's best to figure on a diaper which can hold 2 pints without leaking; a 'normal' full bladder will hold 3/4 pint and i doubt that the diaper above would even cope with that.

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