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Thread: Do sissies/LGs see themselves as older on average that other *Bs?

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    Default Do sissies/LGs see themselves as older on average that other *Bs?

    There are quite a large amount of ABs and TBs who are closer in age for their little selves to toddlers or younger kids than actual babies. These *Bs might enjoy playing childish games, wearing padding and so on, but they still don't quite feel like babies. Being a helpless one or two year old just doesn't appeal to them. I should know, since I'm one of them :P

    What I've noticed from talking to other sissies and LGs however is that in my limited experience, a far larger amount of them have an older "little self" than is average for *Bs. In another thread here, someone made the point that babies wouldn't be as aware of gender roles as older kids, so sissies whose little self is only one or two would miss out on some of the fun in the form of teasing from playmates.

    Another point that might lead to a larger number of older sissies and LGs is the amount of stereotypical girly activities that can't really be done by babies. One year olds aren't going to be fussing over their dresses, painting each other's nails, looking forward to having their hair done up and so on. The inability to enjoy these types of activities while playing as younger age might lead to more sissies having an older age than other *Bs. Babyish activities that don't really have a gender associated with them, like playing with toy cars, hugging plushies, being diapered etc. don't really have a similar unlikeliness for a younger age, so most *Bs won't feel any pressure towards older activities.

    So is that just a coincedental relationship between the ages that sissies that I talk to would like to be, or is this a more wipespread situation? Does this mostly apply to sissies, or is there a similar effect with LGs too?

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    If thats the case then i am the exact opposite of a sissy. I like being old enough to know i am a boy and do little boy things... climb trees, pretend i am hunting down buried treasure in the backyard, exploring caves, playing cops and robbers, stuff like that. But you do make a lot of good points.

    My little character is a sissy in the sense that, even as a boy. He is a bit of a scaredy cat and very sensitive. But you will not find little me in a dress or anything pink.

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    Good point! Now that I think about it, as an AB I'd put my little self at about 1/2 years. whereas if I wanted to do LG play I'd probably be 4-5. I think this is probably for the reasons you raised; there's not much gender difference between a boy and girl baby (except what they're dressed in, which they are not aware of).

    As a sissy though, one doesn't tend to have little self, instead just being put in humiliating clothes. Although after reflecting on it, I guess I do have a little self as a sissy as I prefer to think of my self as being a little bit younger than I currently am when being sissied. For some reason being a teen who's humiliated is more humiliating than a 21 year old in the same position.
    It does make me wonder if with age my humiliation fetish will change and I'll like... age appropriate humiliation. Or will I always have to regress to a teenager before being regressed down to a child?
    It's like bloody Inception!

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    In a sense I guess I can see that, but I think that the "painting of nails, make up, fussing over dresses, ect.." could somewhat cross over into non-sissy territory and just cross dressing. If your theory is correct about sissies preferring to play a older role instead of a younger role then that must make me the black sheep of the sissies. I LOVE acting like a 2 year old little baby girl X3

    Even though my baby age is way too young to be putting on make up, nails, and the like, I feel that these things play a vital role in feeling girlishly pretty. After all which sissy DOESN'T like being told they're a pretty baby girl ?

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    I tend to see myself as a little girl of 4 or 5 years of age. For me, I think it's because that is how old I was when I first realized that something was very wrong. I knew that I was a girl, or rather, I knew that I should have been a girl. Even at that very young age, I knew that the flesh and bone frame I inhabited was not what I truely was inside.

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    "as an AB I'd put my little self at about 1/2 years. whereas if I wanted to do LG play I'd probably be 4-5"

    this is how I see myself as well. like fifigal also, I tend to be 4-5 because that's when I first had these feelings. But I also love to be nurtured in baby things. The best of both worlds is that I'm 4 but still wearing diapers and not very mature for my age.

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    Actually, this makes a lot of sense. I'm kind of the opposite - I'm a guy who's not a sissy/LG, as a matter of fact, as an AB I don't have any preference for a gender at all. I've said before that 'I like to feel like a little boy', but that's probably just because I've.. well, always felt like a boy. At the age I like to play, I'm probably too young to know or care about gender roles.

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