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Thread: Diapers in England?

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    Default Diapers in England?

    In England right now seeing family, and wouldn't mind picking some diapers up if I get the chance. After all, I couldn't give a f*** less if someone who lives on the other side of the world notices what I'm doing. So the question is, does England have anything good in the way of store bought diapers? Any and all advice would be appreciated.

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    Unfortunately it is not easy to find and good quality adult nappies in England; because nappies are provided for incontinent on the NHS there is not a great demand for them in shops, and so good nappies are largely only available online.

    However, occasionally you may be able to find adult nappies on sale in some stores. Some larger ASDA supermarkets (which are green in colour and often found set just outside of a town) sell Tena Slips, which are of good quality, however unfortunately these are not available in all Asda stores and not all towns have an Asda. You can find your nearest Asda here: Asda Store Locator

    Boots stores sell a 'Staydry' line of tape-up nappy. These are the only tape-up nappy easily available in most towns, however, be warned they are of hideous quality and struggle to hold even one wetting. However, if you are desperate then these may be better than nothing. Occasionally I have also seen Tena slips in my local Boots store, but this does seem unusual. You can find your nearest Boots here: Store Locator, Boots

    Lidl do have a brand of nappies called 'Siempre' which were in stock across most stores about 6 months ago, however, they are no longer restocking these. They might still be available in some stores though, and if you can find them are good value (I think something like £9.99 for 28 or £13 for 2 packs) and have been reported as being of pretty good quality too. In my Lidl store these were not placed with the toiletries or in the baby aisle as you might expect, but were placed in an aisle amongst tools and plants, so check every aisle to see if they are available. You can find your nearest Lidl store here: LIDL Great Britain -

    Sometimes you can also find nappies in Lloys pharmacies, or in independent pharmacies. There are a few pharmacies near me which often have nappies in stock (usually Tena or Lille and often old lines or styles), although there is often not a lot of choice in terms of sizing ; mostly I just find single packs of large size nappies and rarely find anything in medium. But it is worth having a look in any pharmacies in your area. Another place to look is in stores which sell medical, disability or mobility aids; shops which sell items such as wheelchairs, stair-lifts etc, as they sometimes have a section selling nappies at the back. Many larger towns have at least one store which sells these kinds of mobility aides (although not all sell incontinence products unfortunately), but these can be a little hard to find as they are not always in the town centre. A google search for words like 'independence store' 'mobility centre' 'medical supplies' etc with your town name might help in the search.

    Otherwise your best bet is probably to buy Drynites or Underjams; these are available in size 8-15 in most large supermarkets (Asda, Tesco, Sainsburys, Morrisons, Co-op) as well as in Boots and in some pharmacies.

    Good luck finding something that works for you, and hope you enjoy yourself here in the UK

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    Just to add, I tried a Lloyds yesterday. They had plenty of Tena Flex and Tena Pullups but no Tena Slips

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    You are lucky to be in England. My favorite diaper in the UK is the Tena Slip Maxi. I loaded up when visiting London and brought back a suitcase full. Good luck on your shopping.

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    Where in England are you? Maybe a member who lives nearby can direct you to a good shop.

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    Thanks guys, especially to babyjess for writing a near novel (greatly appreciated). I am in Essex or near Essex (I don't know, London confuses me). Somewhere round there.

    From the information I've gathered so far, Tena Slips seem like the best bet?

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    England's not the best for diapers, a new design of drynites have been released, they might fit you, im not sure. however they're usually only around 5 pounds so could be worth a try, they're pull up btw. if you want proper adult diapers, theyre harder to find but im sure if you look around the web you could find a store to check out

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    Quote Originally Posted by Huddles View Post
    Thanks guys, especially to babyjess for writing a near novel (greatly appreciated). I am in Essex or near Essex (I don't know, London confuses me). Somewhere round there. From the information I've gathered so far, Tena Slips seem like the best bet?
    Yo Bruce, can’t help with the dippers situation, so sorrys. As for determining your exact location, that bit is easy as all you have to do is look out for these Shela’s. They are not noted for travel so serve as an excellent indicator.

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    Boots nappies are now dramatically improved as they have teamed up with Attends. Their range is now the Attends range in Boots packaging

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    As Babyjess said, there isnt much demand in stores as incontinent folks can get theirs from the nhs. I'd say your best bet is either out of town superstores or better yet, a local indeendent pharmacy may have some in. I know quite a few near me stock either kendalls, tena's or both. However it's still very much hit and mis as to the quality.

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