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Thread: Come on, that can't be possible

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    Unhappy Come on, that can't be possible

    I have been wanting to wear at night and I have been looking cheap PLASTIC diaper from Walgreens, CVS, and now Walmart. I found they all use the same generic diapers and they are all cloth. Today i went to Walmart to get the Assurance band besauce when i started buying them years ago they were plastic backing. But now i have like 25 cloth diapers

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    Not only is it possible, it happened

    Get Depends Maximum Pretect, the Briefs are plastic backed. All those stores should carry them

    Research first

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    Yea, thats a total bite when that happens! I ordered a very large order from Germany a couple years back and a few packs that were supposed to be plastic backed ended up being cloth backed, i was upset too so i know how you feel man!

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    Can I ask why it's so important for the diapers to be plastic backed?

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    Plastic backed diapers generally hold up better than the cloth backed. Plus as far as I am concerned plastic backed are far more pleasant to wear

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    The fake cloth backed diapers irritate my skin and they smell much worse than plastic backed diapers. I definitely prefer plastic backed diapers.

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    Butterfly Mage


    My biggest gripe with the cloth-backed diapers is that they sag when wet. I really don't like that feeling one bit.

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    Its sad how many companies are going to cloth backed .Wish the people making those discisions would put one of there diapers on and realise that there inferior products.

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    I think the reason I like plastic backed diapers so much is because I wore plastic backed Pampers when I was little. Their crinkley, smooth exterior brings back a lovely element of nostalgic pleasure <3 Perhaps for future generations of AB/DL's it won't become as much of an issue, seeing as how all baby diapers now days have a cloth exterior.

    To remain on topic, I think the scarceness of any brand of plastic backed diapers is a simple matter of supply and demand (which varies from area to area). I faced a similar problem a while ago looking for the Depend plastic diapers. When I finally did find some at my local CVS, I got their last pack of small/mediums. I think their shipments of adult diapers in general have a fairly long period of time in between. Aside from the handicapped the AB/DL community, practically nobody buys them.

    I don't completely despise cloth covered diapers. I love Goodnites for girls L/XL for instance. Lately I've been wearing cloth covered Attends as well. They're not bad ! They're super soft and a big plus to having velcro tapes is they never tear the diaper like the regular tapes plastic covered diapers do.

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    Today it is very easy to get duped into buying cloth-backed diapers. Before you buy any package of diapers, carefully read through the description.

    Most will say:

    "Cloth-like exterior"
    "Breathable Cover"

    Every Cloth-backed diaper will have some indication. But, it happens to the best of us. I walked into a pharmacy and IN PERSON special ordered some Tena diapers from the clerk thinking they were the European plastic-backed. I was extremely disappointed when they arrived. Although I chose to look at the glass as half full, I'm still trying to burn through them.

    As for the people suggesting Depends maximum protection or the orange label "Protection".. You can't go wrong with these unless you wear for need. I now have access to top shelf diapers, but still I will always make sure to have at least two packages of Depends in my stash. They feel nice, look nice, and all around feel like a real diaper. Personal experiences differ on an extremely wide scale. But I have never had many problems. Granted I am a continent diaper lover who pees little amounts at a time. But next time go with Depends.. they are reasonably priced and can be found literally everywhere.

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