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    I haven't seen too many posts for FarmVille, Empires and Allies, or any other Zynga games. Am I the only ABDL who plays them?

    Don't worry. I'm not going to ask for neighbors or anything . I like protecting my closet and would probably expect most other people on this site to do the same.

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    oh i play empires and allies level 64 and mafia wars level 362 love both games why buy an xbox facebook has great games

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    I play empire and allies, it's the only one I play. I'm like level 63 or something like that.

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    I used to play Cityville on Facebook but not anymore. Maybe one day, I'll return... meh, I don't know. =P

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    Level 63 on Empires and Allies. I left FarmVille after achieving level 105 when I got into E&A. You can go to war with people, but the most you do is occupy a small section for a while. You don't take over people's land like some games. I play my wife's E&A too (I got her to level 65 ).

    I'm still trying to figure out how to get a titan. How many plates do I need?

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    Only Zynga game I play is Words with Friends. I have like 7 games going on simultaneously.

    Oh and I guess Hanging with Friends as well, but it has less appeal.

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    I used to play farmville but I quit after I got up at 4 FREAKING am to harvest some dumbshit. Then set up a macro to power level my farmer. Because what else are you doing with all those freaking coins!?!?

    To safely say, it was always about the levels. However once I found out Zynga and it's founder are generally a bunch of Douchebags, I quit forever.

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    I used to play farmville, but after about a month of playing it, it just got to the point where to get virtually anything good on it, you HAD to buy farmcash, which I considered really annoying. I steal play mafia wars once in a while though.

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    I used to play too many Zynga games...but...then it got so you either had to stay up 24/7 to complete all the 'quests' or your had to pay out hundreds of dollars in real cash for 'farmcash' (or the like) in order to BUY your way out of staying up 24/7. I just quit cold turkey. I mostly play word games on facebook these days...if I play any games at all.

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