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Thread: The Ultimate Babyfur Webcomic

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    Default The Ultimate Babyfur Webcomic

    I suppose I'm here for a purpose. That purpose is to post my comic.
    Unfortunately it's not done yet. It'll be coming together in early February. But I do have plenty of promotional material that I've been posting lately. I've decided that I would post it here as well so that people could understand what I'm all about even before I post my comic.

    So the first piece I have to post is what I like to use to immediately create a polarizing reaction. It's a very strongly worded self reflective statement of hatred towards the concept of being a babyfur. Why do I hate being a babyfur? Well, I've always hated the more weird and sexual part of my life ever since I was little. It is a burden I cannot escape. However I was most angry about it's effect on a single moment of my life: The moment I saw the face of God.

    So I created this piece. It follows as such:
    Chained #1: Chained Angel
    Chained #2: Back To Earth
    Chained #3: God Shall Laugh

    Expect more updates to this thread as February approaches.

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    So I said I'd keep updating this.
    So here I go. This is the title symbol from the Ultimate Babyfur Webcomic. I realize now that this is a pg-13 forum, so I will be doing my best to create a censored version of the comic just for ADISC.

    Ultimate Babyfur WebComic Title Symbol

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    Default Hey again

    Hey! Looks like it's been a while.
    If anybody is still interested, you can check out the finished comic by clicking the picture below!

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    that comic has balls

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