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Thread: Do you know how full your bladder is ?

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    Default Do you know how full your bladder is ?

    I have been chatting to a few of my friends that are D/L`s and found that *Normal* or continent folk seem to know exactly how full their bladder is, a bit like a fuel guage on a car. This is totally different for me, I sometimes and only sometimes get a hint that my bladder is about one third to half full, I then go to the toilet (if I can) and releive myself. If I ignore that signal the feeling of needing to go drops off completely and only when I am very full and am getting desperate to go does my bladder start sending the red warning lights. When I am asleep or even just laying in the bed and sleepy i do not get any of these signals most of the time.
    So do you know how full your bladder is ? do you have a fluid level built in? or not ?

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    for me it's like an on/off switch. I only get the red warning light. Which gives me about 2 min's to make it to the bathroom. When i'm sleeping i have no control of my bladder now for the past like 6 month's, so i just wear to bed every night.

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    As someone that's continent, I can usually tell how much I need to go, however not until I have a significant need to. If I consciously think of it, then I can usually tell, but it's not like in the back of my head I'm fully aware all the time. It's sort of like a fuel gauge in that way, too. If you don't "look" at the fuel gauge, you won't notice how much gas is in it, except when things the big "fuel-low" sign comes up, but with me, I can ignore it for like 12 hours if I try.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mazdasarefun85 View Post
    for me it's like an on/off switch. I only get the red warning light. Which gives me about 2 min's to make it to the bathroom. When i'm sleeping i have no control of my bladder now for the past like 6 month's, so i just wear to bed every night.
    Thats exactly how it is for me, doesnt help that i used to have little to no control when i was younger up until i was a teenager. Now i get that warnining light without much time to make it to the bathroom and i've never had much control at night.

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    I have the On/Off switch as well. However, since becoming IC, I always have the feeling that I need to pee. It never goes away. I can usually control it pretty well during the day, but at night, there's no hope. I always have a diaper on while sleeping.

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    I am continent, but I definitely don't have a fuel gauge that tells me how full my bladder is. For me I either need to go, or I don't; after peeing there is no feeling for a good while, and I can't tell that the bladder is filling up until I need to go, so it is more like an on/off switch in that respect. However, that said, the need to go is not always the same and the level of desperation varies. Usually it's just an awareness that I will have to go at some point, and that builds up until it becomes increasingly uncomfortable and I know I will need to go soon. However, whilst I can measure how desperate I am that still doesn't really tell me how full my bladder is; sometimes I can go after being desperate and be surprised to have expelled so little, and other times I will go when I don't really need to (eg: if I know it will be my last chance for a while) and be surprised my bladder had been able to hold so much. So it certainly isn't like a fuel gauge in that respect.

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    I never had any sense of knowing how full mine is and if I need to go. Often for me unless I feel like I'm about to go, it comes down to guesswork more then anything. If it is full and I need to go however I can notice that. Saying that though I don't know if I'm voiding when I'm full anymore or not sometimes but I guess being IC that's normal.

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    As an incon guy, I'm also somewhat in the on-off category. My urges to go come on very quickly with not very much feeling the need to go beforehand. And once I get an urge, I usually have a minute or two to make it to the toilet or the urge becomes so painful that I have to let go and empty my bladder into my diaper. My urges are also to a considerable extent triggered by external stimuli or events. If I've been sitting or lying down for a while and get up, I often get an especially strong urge with little or no time before I start going. Getting out of the car after riding for a while, going outdoors into cold weather, approaching the bathroom door, filling my car with gas in cold weather, and the sound or feel of running water are also frequent urge triggers.

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    I kind of can tell, but I need to think about it to know how full it is.

    Though I can't tell exactly, but I can roughly know if I should use the bathroom before doing something depending on how long it'll take. So yeah. (=

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    No I typically cannot gauge much of anything. The only time I know how full I am getting is when I am very dehydrated and that is because my bladder is filling very slowly. "Full" is sort of relative for me. From tests I have had done, my bladder just empties at around 110 ml. I have very little to no warning. On minute I could have absolutely no sensation and the next my bladder will be pushing urine out.

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