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Thread: Wet Diaper Changing

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    Default Wet Diaper Changing

    Where is your favorite spot for a diaper change? For me it is my bed but many diapered people talk about a changing table in a special area. Many diapers are changed in public restrooms in the stalls. Some people talk about changing their diaper in their car. Do diapered people have a favorite place?

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    I change my diaper while standing up. My favorite spot is in my bedroom at home. But when necessary, I've changed in all kinds of public washrooms in a great variety of establishments. I have to wear 24/7/365. So I always have to carry a spare or two with me anytime I'm away from home for more than a few hours. And if I need to change, I do it wherever I am.

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    My mommydom and I are fortunante to have a complete nursery, with a changing table, where most diaper changes are made, but their is times, where she will lay me on the kitchen floor and change me right their, which kind of has its own appeal

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    I live alone so I change my wet diaper/nappy where ever it is warm and comfy. The bedroom is a fav, next is the bathroom and last is the kitchen.

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    My bedroom But like Inconinmiss said, I change wherever I happen to be when the need strikes.

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    I usually change myself standing up in either my bedroom or bathroom. I have my own bathroom adjacent to my bedroom which affords me provacy.

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    My weight bench is ergonomically convenient for changing.

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    pretty much anywhere where I have enough privacy to change, (though I'm not scared or ashamed of taking my pants off in front of others, if I need to) and a place to dispose of used diaper.

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    I really like mine changed in my bedroom if I am home. If I am out I usually use a family restroom if possible to change.

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