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Thread: Prove To Me That Things Will Change/Improve

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    Default Prove To Me That Things Will Change/Improve

    What will change if either of the candidates are elected?

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    Quote Originally Posted by kite View Post
    What will change if either of the candidates are elected?
    There is no way to prove that at all since that's in effect predicting the future. So far Obama has said nothing about his plans and Mccain has said very little about his plans as well. A lot can happen between now and the time one of them are sworn in.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kite View Post
    What will change if either of the candidates are elected?
    Very little if anything.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Valentine View Post
    Very little if anything.
    I can see that what has really changed due to the government's actions over the past 14 years?

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    I mean, a lot will change if Obama's elected, partly because with a Democratic president and a Democratic Congress, a lot of the agenda that has been held back by the Bush veto will not longer be held back. You'll see a national health care plan being passed, the tax code made more progressive, with taxes increasing on the richest and lowering on the poorest. You'll see a re-tooling of NCLB and increases in funding for urban areas and for programs of national infrastructure. Obama presidency will at least signal the end of our involvement in Iraq.

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    last i heard obama wanted to keep the green zone and kept flip flopping between removal of troops and a reduction of forces.
    also, what does NCLB stand for?
    frankly, every possible election has called for change. i don't think there has been one that hasn't, but since the nixon era the sh*t has hit the proverbial fan. our war on drugs is laughable along with the war on terrorrrorororororz (thank you for believing in curveball!), ect.
    i remember bill clinton calling for change and personally i didn't know anyone who percieved this 'change'.

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    Don't be so naive. There thousands upon thousands of things that change when one party takes power. From enforcement of law to long term policy planning, elections really matter because whoever is in charge runs your government and is setting the agenda.

    The Clinton administration, for all its faults, and there were many, attempted (and failed because of the 94 Republican takeover) to pass a health care plan, increase the minimum wage (this actually passed) and generally, encourage the expansion of safety net programs across the nation.

    Now, if your argument is more of a systemic nature, aka, that there is nor eal change from from the proto-democratic, capitalist system...yeah, you are right here.

    But that's because that system works in the long run.

    And when did you get the flip-flop thing? That's just a blatant lie.

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    just so we're on the same page: this is the same obama that talks about nuclear energy and using 'clean' coal as well as signing the FISA bill that allowed the telecom companies to gain immunity without even as much as a peep about it, right?

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    1. I am a fan of nuclear energy. Anybody who looks at the issue knows that the US won't be able to wean itself of fossil fuels without the expansion of nuclear energy. It just won't happen.
    2. Clean coal, while currently not practical, itself could be a boon, especially if we perfect sequestering practices, which is a large part of the clean coal movement. Now, that removes funding for other alternater forms of energy production, which bothers me. If private industry could be mobilize to come up with superior sequestering technologies, clean coal could be a viable piece of a greener US.

    FISA - if you think he signed that without a peep, you're mistaken. He addressed the issue at the time, argued why he voted for it. He posted on HuffingtonPost what his thought process was. I disagreed with him, but I understand wher he's coming from.

    If the answer to you is that if he's not perfect, that's not change, then congrats. You're an idealist activitist, not a member of the political community of the United States. I hate to tell you where power resides.

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    Why do we always get into these freaking pointless arguments? I realise many of us have polar opposite views, but thats no reason to keep doing this. Whats right for the world is whats right for it, noone knows whats going to happen, theres no point. You shouldnt be at eachothers necks just because you cant change the others opinion. Most of you are just leaving out your own faults and blameing others. I dont even care if I get neg repped this time, you two, specifically, are acting like children. And you know what, noone likes children.

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