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    Hi, I'm beetlebawb. I'm just some babyfur. I'm pretty much just posting this to get the level up. Being a bug, I tend to be a bit of a lurker. I'm fonder of shadows than I am of the light.
    I like beetles. I'm an expert on icky things. I make plenty of comics. I might post them as my more recent work is about babyfurs. We'll see how things go.

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    Welcome to ADISC hug power activate! Target, BeetleBawb! Hi BettleBawb! I have a friend of mine who goes by Bawb as well, though he's younger then you. I call him Bawbish, I think I'll try not to call you that just so I don't make them up. The shadows can be very comfortable, can they? I have a story character in a world where she lived in the darkness her whole life, suddenly thrust into the demonic light, she would often think the sun was a monster trying to burn her.. it was an amusing little tale at times but was actually set in a world where dark powers were more assigned to good natured or maidenly types, while light powers were the scary ones. The darkness is comforting, it hides some of the things you may want hidden and makes people feel safe sometimes lost within all the unknown.

    Sorry to ramble. Excuse me for being a little girl for a moment (well, don't excuse me.. I'm a little girl and proud) but eww, icky things and bugs! Why did you get interested in creepy crawlies, and you promise not to let any get on me right? You work on comics, do you consider your own drawings? You said your most recent work is about babyfurs.. what other types of comics are you interested in? Also, what other things do you like to do.. your hobbies and interests and general favorite things? Expressing thing sort of thing is a great way to stand out here!

    Have a great time here on ADISC BettleBawb, just don't stick any bugs in people's hair! *giggles*

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