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  • they spoke you out rudly, laughed, etc

    5 8.77%
  • possibly saw it, didnt make anything of it or puzzled

    35 61.40%
  • They acknowledge that they saw it, and are puzzled or didnt make anything of it

    9 15.79%
  • They acknowledge that they saw it, and they nicely make conversation with you abut it

    14 24.56%
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Thread: Re:Has anyone ever noticed your diaper? (+ Poll)

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    Default Re:Has anyone ever noticed your diaper? (+ Poll)

    So I just wanted to see this in a poll form.
    So vote here and go to the other post for actual posts and what not (I don't want to take over the other thread :P, unless if its possible for a moderator to incorporate this poll into the other thread, which if it is, then do as you like).

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    A few times I have had friends notice when I was wearing a pull-up; on all occasions I was wearing regular underwear over the pull-ups and they asked me, "Why are you wearing two pairs of knickers?"

    This hasn't ever been a question I have had any sensible response to, and my usual response has just been to shrug or mumble, leaving my friends to make their own assumptions. Luckily because a pull-up looks, to those not in the know, similar to underwear I hope that she's wearing a diaper! wasn't ever the conclusion. What they were left to assume though I am not sure.

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    Eeek, from the poll results it seems most people are not so nice about it

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    I know a little child saw it, when i was wearing one out in the public. He (or she, doesn't remember) told that to his mum, who didn't, lucky me, believe her child...

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    I'm fairly certain that my mom saw me wearing a diaper--and nothing else!--when I was somewhere between 10 and 12 years old. I had just finished diapering myself (cloth and pins) when she burst into my bedroom unannounced, causing me to dive into bed and under the covers. But, despite that I was being extremely suspicious, she didn't mention diapers or even ask me to explain myself, and instead proceeded to lecture me about something unrelated.

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    You know there really should have been "No one ever saw it" as an answer, The poll is skewed based on the premiss that someone has seen your diaper.

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    I have two instances: the first was at the mall buying supplies, I lifted my shirt to get my wallet and little did I know but I was showing about 3" of my diaper over my jeans. The young blonde behind me nust have recieved an eye full as she blushed slightly before I did. The second, was last week I was viiting friends and was asked to help move some furniture When I bent down to get a smaller piece, my diaper was in full view over the top of my pants. My friend did not say anything, but I am sure she noticed.

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    i've been seen,last week while in my hotel room the cleaner came in[must have knocked while i was cleaning my teeth!!!] i came out of the en-suit in my terry nappy and yellow plastic pants.and was greeted by the cleaner making the bed,she left the room straight away but had to walk past me!all she said was "sorry to disturb you"

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    I wore to school one day and I think one of my friends saw. I was walking away from him and he said something like "You look weird." and then went on to start some other sentence but stopped himself midway. He never said anything to me.

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    Nah I am good at hiding my diapers under my clothing.

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