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    So, for college I have to write a short paper on unique products that can be imported to Canada. I chose to write my paper on the TENA product line =P

    Has anyone done anything similar to this? It's sort of thrilling and fun haha

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    I was going to write a paper on the politics of the DSM's classification of fetishes for a science studies class. I ended up deciding to write on animal testing instead since it required less research and it was the prof's pet (pardon the pun) area of research. It turned out to be a good choice, he loved my paper O.o

    I'm a CS student so there are not too many courses where I can "out" myself, so to speak (wearing a collar to school notwithstanding).

    Most people won't read anything in your research topic, btw

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    I gave a paper on the problems that privacy causes on the Internet, and ways to overcome the issues. My paper was more focused on the fact that privacy wasn't the concern, but the basic idea that people want to have an opinion/control everything that doesn't concern them is the problem. I gave a few examples regarding peoples lives being destroyed/hurt by fetishistic findings online.

    While, it remained true that if the privacy of this person was good, then there would be no bad outcomes. However, it's hard to remain private for your whole life with something like a fetish. I'm sure the prof suspects something now :P

    I got a really good mark on it though.

    In addition, I made a remark in class about professionalism on Wikipedia isn't always the case. Even some papers being taken as true, shouldn't be posted as the sole theory. (I was mostly referring to the Infantilism page). He asked me (in class) an article on wiki as an example. I really didn't know what to say :P

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    I made a pamphlet about bedwetting for a human development class and included a picture of goodnites on it. It got the highest grade in a class of 120 students -obsession and high interest are good motivators for successful work.

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