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Thread: Doctor Who Fans Unite

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    Default Doctor Who Fans Unite

    So yes if you like Doctor Who come on in~

    My favourite Doctor has to be David Ten so far along with William, the first Doctor, falling behind him.

    I would say my favourite 'companions' so far have to be Donna Nobel, River Song, Susan Foreman and Sarah Jane along with Jack Harkness.

    So who do you like from Doctor Who?
    Both 'Main' and not so 'main' cast :P

    I also like Professor Yana and thought the actor who played him was brilliant~

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    Matt smith filled by David tennant Matt I find better for the docter but i also liked christoher too
    Companions I love micky, donna, martha, Sarah - Jane, and rose but river, is best the best one yet because she is wierd in a sense but also amazing at the same time.
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    I just love Dr who played by John Pertwee, his side kick Kate Manning & his old Arch enemy The master played by Roger Delgado (sorry folks i am showing my age now) The folks down the road had a colour TV (1971) colour had only come out a couple of years earlier & yes i did cover my face with my hands on numerous occasions when things got really scary. For the older " who" fans there was a series with some weird looking guys going round selling daffodills or some kind of flower but i can't remember what it was called that one freaked me out. It might even be this series or possibly another series. Any ideas.?

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    Favorite Doctors in order: Tom Baker, Chris Eccleston, David Tennant
    Favorite Companions in order: Rose Tyler, Sarah Jane Smith, Rory Williams-Pond
    Favorite off or bit character: Harriet Jones (Love how she stands up to the doctor and even after he got her replaced as Prime Minister she still helped him in the end. That was a good way to die)

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