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Thread: Tucked in all nice and cozy

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    Default Tucked in all nice and cozy

    If you could choose one person to tuck you in and give you a kiss goodnight who would it be?

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    This really cute Junior in school...hes so cute, reminds me of a little lion cub

    FullMetal -Is so gay...-

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    Sayid from Lost. He looks so awesome and I could just hug him forever and ever ^_^

    Or if we have to choose real people then my biology teacher. He's really nice and friendly. Plus, he used to be a lumberjack. And that's just epic.

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    MY (abdl) DADDY!!!!

    Although it doesn't look like that's gonna be happening as soon as originally planned Now we're looking at summer '09 for him to visit. *sighs*

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    Quote Originally Posted by DarkSunDS View Post
    ... I won't tell you! >/////<
    It's me isn't it?

    That's allright, we'll keep it a secret.

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    Michael Jackson.

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    Hehe. Good question.

    To feel like a kid I'd want my mum to. (I wouldn't though cos I'd feel stupid and weird... but if I was a kid that's who I'd want to... of course)

    But for being just completely hot I'd get my friend Krista to (plus she's very nice)

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