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    Hey, quick question for everyone. I know some people use tape to hold diaper tapes on, which Ive learned is maybe best with the diapers I current use (Tranquility ATN). What would everyone recommend for type of tape to use.


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    unless you can't afford better, personally I would simply recommend using a different brand. Tranquility brand has ben notorious for years for having poor tapes, and it would seem as nothing has changed since I first tried them. I don't recommend duct tape personally, because you likely won't be able to take the diaper off without completely destroying it, and possibly making a mess in the process. the one time I tried ATN's I used clear packaging tape. but, I don't personally consider having to tape a diaper to keep it on worth it even if i does save money, because in the end it only creates unnecessary headaches. the tape can make the diaper uncomfortable to wear, can cause tearing of the plastic and is generally just a complete and unnecessary hassle. but if you want to, then yea, my recommendation is clear packaging tape.

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    I was making a reference which I thought people from America would get, but I guess not.

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    I got it, personally. but I thought it pertinent to offer serious advice. however, depending on the handyman, one could say electrical tape is the secret. my dad was a mechanic and handyman and he always had a roll of electrical tape with him. some would say it is gaffers tape!

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    Here in the US red tape rules... Seriosuly though In a pinch I have used clear packing tape. The ATNs tapes do hold well, I'm wearing one now as I type this, just ignore the blue ones and use the printed white ones.

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    I have heard that some cloth diapers have velcro tabs to close them. I don't know if this is true, or it is an urbane myth as I have never seen any like this.

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    like everyone is saying, the tranquilities are not the best tape-wise.
    however, instead of just duct-taping it completely shut, i find it much more effective to use clear packing tape to create a landing zone across the front.

    it's worked out perfectly for me every time i've tried it so far.

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    this is what I did, and I highly recommend this. it will make the tapes stick better, and is a way of possibly avoiding the tapes ever coming off and needing to be 'taped up' in the first place. if you've ever worn bambino's, ABU's or a few others you know how well the 'landing zone' works, but the packaging tape, could still make the diaper stiffer, louder and generally more uncomfortable because the packaging tape doesn't flex as easily as the rest of the diaper. thats a good suggestion though for anyone having problems with tapes not sticking.

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