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Thread: Do you find these phrases graphic?

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    Default Do you find these phrases graphic?

    "Piss me off"
    "Get crap from people"

    I say these often. Someone told me on the other forum these are graphic to lot of people and they are graphic to her too.

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    Could you please explaine what context you use them in

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    I posted this:

    I had the same problem too when I posted often in the adult section few years ago. I got crap from people. I would post threads and I get negative reactions. But my threads were no different than others and it would piss me off I was being singled out. I would post threads just to piss those people off because I hated being discriminated. Then one day someone told me it's not what I post, it's what I say in them or how I say it. That explained the crap I got.

    Now I seldom post in it. I seem to not know how to talk right in it and I might get too graphic without realizing it.

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    I know 'piss' used in that connotation is considered a cuss word by a lot of conservative people. My parents, for example, would have washed my mouth out with soap if i said that around them. And 'crap' was discouraged in my household, but not over the line. But i wouldn't think they would be over the line on most online forum. I am pretty sure you can say either in a PG movie. If not PG, then definitely PG13.

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    what is 'graphic' is a matter of personal preference, in and out of context, and is solely the idea of the individual. as long as the words you use do not break any rules of the forum, you could by the 'highest authority', that being the forum mods, to be in the clear and not using anything too graphic. however, because everyones opinion is different, its always important to realize that what may seem normal to you may not be to others, and that should be respected. personally, I don't see anything you posted as outright 'graphic', but I think your wording is unnecessary, and as such it would always be in your best interest to be 'cleaner' and more mature in your word choices. if for no other reason than to be taken seriously and seen as intelligent. suffice to say, its in your best interest, wether its 'right' or 'wrong' to anyone else.

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    I think they're flavorful phrases. It's not enough sometimes to say "that makes me mad" (or "that really rustles my jimmies") and sometimes it's good to be abrasive, in my opinion!

    I don't find very many things as far as specific words offensive. Like everyone else is saying, context is everything - you don't say stuff pisses you off to your grandma, and you don't say that gives you the silly willies to your friends. Unless you do both of those, in which case, your grandma and friends are very cool people

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    As far as I'm concerned, as long as what you say is within the rules of the forum, everybody else can deal with it if they don't like it.

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    "Piss me off"
    "Get crap from people"


    You clearly don't live in Australia, where your best friend is a "Cunt", the life of the party is the "Maddest Cunt" and that neighbour you hate is a "Fucking Cunt".

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    Quote Originally Posted by EmeraldsAndLime View Post
    "Piss me off"
    "Get crap from people"


    You clearly don't live in Australia, where your best friend is a "Cunt", the life of the party is the "Maddest Cunt" and that neighbour you hate is a "Fucking Cunt".
    LOL i officialy luv u

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