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Thread: quasifail at faking bedwetting XP

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    Unhappy quasifail at faking bedwetting XP

    So, on sunday night I was a little bit... "happy down there" and the idea of wetting the bed popped into my head. Now, I didn't want to do it to be caught or to convince someone of giving me dprs, I just kinda wanted to get a kick off of it. (not sure if it's the correct way to say it)
    So I started thinking about a way to fake it. I have tried a bottle filled with water and some holes on the cap, but that didn't work as as soon as I was falling asleep I knocked down the bottle and I woke up before enough water spilled.
    I then got an idea, to fill a small plastic bag with water and put it inside my pj pants, near my crotch, so once asleep, as I toss around a lot, the pressure would make the bag rip open and I would wake up wet, and also, the water would be expelled fast enough for me to awake fully wet (with water).

    As I fell asleep, I started to dream about a water balloon fight on a pool, and at about 4:30 am, I woke up, and as I turn around to lie on my other side, I feel cold and wet down there, this awakes me instantly, and I kneel on the bed thinking "wow, I can't believe it worked!" ....

    ...But, I realized the bag was still intact, with the water perfectly sealed inside.
    I got scared, and wtf-faced, and then I sniffled the mattress, and, yeah, it was pee.

    I think the dream, some self suggestion and the coldness of the water bag were the culprits -w-'

    Worst part, I couldn't get up and take a bath, since it turned out that one of my brothers was sent back home (he's like, 8 so my stepdad went to pick him up) and they came back home, and stayed there for like half an hour. Half an hour of being smelly and feeling nervous that someone might have noticed, and that I was running late for work.
    I also couldn't wash the bedding and pj's until the next day afternoon, and I had a hard time covering the smell during the day.
    Was it worth the excitement? No, not at all, it sucked XP

    So, the lesson is, be careful with what you want, and don't trust an evil plan thinked of at 2 am

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    I almost kind of want to try this. Maybe the watery sensation of the bag of water against the privates really does induce urination.. I may just do that inside a diaper tonight.

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    Have you tried a Catheter /

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    Quote Originally Posted by crackattack View Post
    Have you tried a Catheter /
    They're dangerous if you don't know how to do it you can cause infection or cut inside with the plastic tube.

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    catheters are an extremely bad idea, unless you have a genuine need for them. you can seriously injure yourself if you don't do it properly.

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    Quote Originally Posted by crackattack View Post
    Have you tried a Catheter /
    Unless they are medically necessary I really wouldn't advise putting anything up your urethra, that's asking for a UTI and those are just really unpleasant. Avoid at all costs.

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    Just an idea, I'm sure for males they are relativly safe so long as they are cleaned well and you fit them well

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    Well I have no reason to bedwet that bad, cause I'm already getting day accidents mostly cause I'm lazy.

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    Yikes. I can't even stand the thought of a Catheter.

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    Quote Originally Posted by crackattack View Post
    Have you tried a Catheter
    Nope, and never will unless it's a 100% necessary o_o

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