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    I finally joined the club. Today I received a nice big case of Abena X-Plus M4's to see what all of the hubbub was about. It's all true! These are the Rolls Royce of adult diapers! Seriously, I highly recommend these to anyone who hasn't tried them. They are amazing and very thick. I can't wait to put them to the test.

    (sorry, I am just pretty excited )

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    Woops.. missed the entire word "the" in the thread name. Nice!

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    congratulations, and enjoy them! but as with all opinions of this nature, I have to diagree. the real rolls royce of diapers are the Dry 24/7. not the most absorbent in the world, but neither are the Abena's. but they are better than anything else I've ever tried, by a large margin. glad you like them though. its probably best to try them before Abena eventually does switch to all cloth backed styles. it will likely happen eventually. I actually think Abena's use dot better than they are now, but thats just personal preference as with all things. what were you normally wearing before these? id just like to know what you are coming from.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Seamuis View Post
    the real rolls royce of diapers are the Dry 24/7
    Hahaha, yeah. Since I haven't tried the Dry 24/7's (Or a lot of other diapers), I guess it was wrong of me to say that.

    Yeah, my whole purpose was to try them out before this "2012" of Abena products happens. I plan to get some Bambinos (of all kinds), Molicare Super Plus, and Dry 24/7 pretty soon now that I have my whole ordering situation figured out.

    Before, I was wearing anything I could get my hands on. I'm kind of a "diaper collector" if that makes sense. My whole life i've worn depends maximum because that was the only diapers available to me, with the occasional value store brands that once were kind of likable plastic-backed diapers but since have evolved over the years into cloth-backed over sized maxi-pads with the same crisscrossed blue line tabs. And of course i also dabbled with baby diapers, goodnites, Pull-ups (Child and Adult), and anything like that from the time I was first potty trained until I could ride my bike alone to the drug store. But, my DL taste is in Adult Diapers that fit right. But over the past three years I've tried a few different kinds of Attends and Tenas. A month ago I got some Abena Delta-Form M2's that were great and were the main reason I was overly ready to branch out and try these topshelf diapers that I read so much about. Sorry for the not so brief history

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    Quote Originally Posted by Seamuis View Post
    real rolls royce of diapers are the Dry 24/7.
    I totally agree.

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