A security flaw has been discovered with vBSEO.com, the official website of the "vBSEO" software that we, along with a great many other sites, use.
This security flaw allowed an intruder to infect vBSEO.com with malware.
Since vBSEO's software automatically connects to vBSEO.com to check for updates, many people using their software (including ADISC) were also infected.

The infection has now been cleaned, and the damage from it appears very minor:

Quote Originally Posted by vbseo.com
what we have seen appears to be a link-stealer for outbound traffic and doesn't necessarily expose any information or passwords of your site.
To repeat: it appears that the damage to ADISC was limited to redirecting some outgoing traffic, for a few hours, yesterday afternoon.
That's it.

Still, as part of ADISC's commitment to protecting your privacy, we taking this very seriously.
Amongst other things, we are:

  • Doing a lot of reinstalls from backups, and requiring password changes, to be doubly sure that we're secure.
  • Installing more automated security software, to better detect such attacks in future.

Here is what you can do to help:
  1. Change your ADISC password.
    1. You will be automatically prompted to change your password in the near future.
    2. If you use our live chat, be sure to update the password in your chat client after changing it.

  2. Don't use the same password for your email as you do for ADISC. If you do, change your email password too.

We apologize for the inconvenience of the required password change.
Please understand that we are simply taking every possible precaution to protect your privacy.