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Thread: questions for all about your wet diapers

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    Default questions for all about your wet diapers

    So the question stands how's does wetting your diaper make you feel? As well as how long do you like to stay in a wet diaper? And what do you feel like when you wet in public?

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    It actually clears up a lot of questions: When I was a tween, my mom babysat a boy that was in diapers past three. I tried asking why he liked them so much, even though his friends at preschool were wearing underwear. He didn't know.

    Now I know how much room my pee takes up and how warm it feels when I crouch to soak my diaper like a naughty girl. And what a waddle a soaked diaper causes, especially when it is hanging from my hips. I also know how he could keep wetting his diaper and not tell anyone until it leaked. And now I know how cute I look when I get streaks along the back of my romper. I've also found out how comfortable a wet diaper is when I wake up and how terrifying leaks are at night.

    I still don't know how it makes me feel and I've only gone as public as the common area of my apartment.

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    Makes me feel little and somewhat naughty to wet in public. Depends how wet it is. I only stay in it as long as its not sagging too badly. I like the warmth and security.

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    it makes me feel great because I didn't have to go into a bathroom/restroom. I guess its naughty to a degree, but as a 24/7 wearer for a number of years, that feeling is a lot less prevalent. depends on where I am, who Im with and what I'm doing though. I stay in a wet diaper as long as it takes to fill it to the maximum capacity that is feasible to wear and not have any serious accidents. or 6 hours max, if I haven't peed enough to reach that point. usually I need to change to avoid leaks, long before I would need to change for other reasons. I feel warm and wet? I feel great when I pee in public, but then I feel great in general when I wet my diaper. thats pretty much the reason I wear them 24/7. I just genuinely enjoy wearing and using them. I'm still very glad I have a choice in the matter though.

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    It makes me feel a bit naughty and its nice and warm. I tend to stay wet for an hour or 2 but i might go longer soon. I havent wet in public yet.

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    Me I have wet where ever.. And I have to say it makes me feel great. And yes a bit naughty. And I also have to say that I like the feel of a wet diaper as well as waking up wet.. It makes me feel naughty(and I like that) as well as kinda in control of whatever situation im in. What do everyone else do when they wet? I'd like to hear what other people who love to wet do

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