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    I really really apologize for adding to what I'm sure is already an over-saturated topic, but I thought I'd share how I've been going about my AB life and everything as it pertains to the subject.

    I really enjoy wearing diapers, sucking on a pacifier, cuddling with plushies, watching cartoons/kids' shows, etc., but I've never really been able to get into that "little" state of mind. I live with two other guys up at college and no one knows about my AB/DL side, so I'm sure the added fear of getting caught doesn't help my regression process. However my roommates are very respectful of closed doors and whatnot, so I feel there has to be some way to kind of get past all that, calm down my mind from going a million miles per minute, and just relax and regress.

    I was just wondering if anyone has any tips or if anyone else has the same problems with regression. I have tried many things, but I feel I just can't calm my mind down and relax.

    Thanks everyone!


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    This is always a tough one, because you have to get the idea of being little into your head. I do think that the fear of being discovered is what's preventing you from regressing. I can regress just lying in bed, clutching my teddy bear. I just remember myself being little and I'm there. The strangest thing happens. Every time I regress, I sneeze. I can't figure this one out, but it happens.

    Anyway, you have all the things you need except for privacy. Get the privacy and I think you will experience regression. Just feel and act like a one or two year old. Suck on your bottle and say something babyish. You should get there.

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    I find that when sometimes when I try too hard to regress I end up over-thinking it and looking at it from the wrong perspective. I worry about making sure everything I do makes me seem little rather than actually being little.

    It might be helpful try to think of it not so much as acting younger, and more of letting your little side out. It's sorta subtle, but I think the important thing to note is that with an act you're trying to be something, and when you just let your little side out, you -are- being something-- yourself! There aren't any expectations or scripts, it's all about letting down your guard so that part of you can come to the surface.

    Even when you're not regressed you can think about your little side. I'd suggest taking some time to get to know that part of you outside of regression by paying attention to it. What is important to your little side? How does your little side see the world? What values do you get from your little side? For example, in my case, I love the fact that my little side is so idealistic and unconditionally loving. The more you know about that part of who you are, the more confident you will be, the more respect you will have for yourself as a person, and the easier it will be to let that side of yourself out.

    Wishing you the best of luck, we're all here for you.
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    I find it difficult to regress when I am on my own as well. I am somebody who analyses and over-thinks everything, and I find it hard to switch off, let go and empty my mind in order to get into that little frame of mind. I have hardly ever experienced regression whilst alone at home, and do not strive to do so any more.

    As I am currently regression is usually something which happens to me spontaneously, and usually just for a very short while (a couple of minutes). This is because I need to be with somebody else in order to regress; I need to have somebody else there for my little side to interact with. Sometimes I slip into 'little mode' without meaning to, triggered by something happening or being particularly tired, and out will slip baby-talk or an odd behaviour; when this is met with confusion from friends/family I am reminded to slip back to being an adult (most of my friends just think I am a bit quirky in this regard). In my last relationship although my partner did not know I was an AB he didn't mind me slipping into babytalk and would indulge me, allowing me to regress and explore my little side. I have also been in a few situations where I have been able to regress around my friends and have them take care of me, not specifically as an AB (no diapers etc) but in a very gentle and nurturing way.

    The only place where I am sometimes able to regress alone is when I am watching children's TV, I think because the TV sort of takes the place of the other person, giving me something to focus on and to react to. It would be nice if I were able to regress on my own and get really into a game of dolls or whatever, but without another person can't this is not something I am able to do; my adult side automatically takes over unless there is somebody else there to reinforce my behaviour.

    You could also try online role-play; during role-play I am not able to completely regress as I still need to be able to type and there is still stuff happening around me outside of the role-play, but I am able to get into the little frame of mind and explore my little side; I agree with LilPolarBear that you do not have to be regressed to get to know your little side and there are lots of things I know about my little side that I learnt through role-playing online (for example, my little side has a strong mischievous streak). Since reflecting on who my little side is, and how she expresses herself, I have further been able to recognise areas in my everyday life where my choices and behaviour is being influenced somewhat by that side of me, and that in turn has enabled me to think on what I need from my future that will enable me to nurture both my adult side and my little side.

    Whilst a lot of people talk about regression on here, I don't think that everybody is able to achieve regression when alone and without other stimulus (music, TV etc) to help it, especially when they are first trying to experience it. Perhaps try and experiment with different settings, being in bed, having a kids TV shows on, having gentle music etc. You might also want to identify particular times when you feel especially little; the time when I feel most little is when I am tired or sleepy, and this is when I am most likely to regress. A few times when I have been particularly sleepy I have been able to regress whilst in bed and to feel little, but in truth I don't find regression particularly full-filling unless I am with somebody else as my little side thrives off attention and affection, which cannot be attained when alone.

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    Thanks for the advice, everyone! I really appreciate the time you guys took to give me some pretty in-depth responses on a subject that I'm sure people are tired of responding to

    I have tried watching children's shows and interacting with them and everything, also playing with some toys because I know I loved to play with action figures and Legos and stuff when I was little. I haven't tried the online role-playing though, but it makes sense that would help. I guess I would need to know where to go to do this?

    Also the idea of finding out about my little side is definitely an interesting theory and makes a lot of sense. Although I really have no idea how to go about doing this lol. I am in college but I only recently found that I enjoyed being an AB, so I really am pretty new to the whole idea of everything. When I was in middle school I remember I tried to wear diapers again because they felt good and everything. I actually got caught doing so and obviously I was too afraid to try it again and the idea started coming back like last year or so.

    Being new on the forum I gotta say the support and maturity (ironic, eh?) around here really is great!

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