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Thread: First time in Underjams

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    Default First time in Underjams

    On my way home from work, needed to stop at the store for a few things. Since my diaper stash was completely depleted, I decided to stop by the diaper aisle. I've worn the L/XL girl's Goodnites a few time and found them to be a perfect fit, so I decided that this time I would go ahead and give Underjams a try (the girl ones, of course).

    I was a little nervous that they might not fit since I noticed that Goodnites have the max weight listed as 125 lbs whereas Underjams have a max weight of 85 lbs. I just put the first one on with no troubles. I must say, I really like them so far. They feel a bit softer than Goodnites. My next test may be to try wetting to see how well they hold up and if leaking is going to be an issue.

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    One note on the Underjams. Don't wet one while lying down. They will almost definatly leak.

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    Underjams will rip within a few hours so you can't really sleep in them.

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    So it sounds like I'm probably gonna be going back to the store and getting a pack of Goodnites soon. Well, I'll try to give them a fair chance

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    Quote Originally Posted by Techead View Post
    One note on the Underjams. Don't wet one while lying down. They will almost definatly leak.
    Lol! that's what they're intended for!

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    Well keep us updated Princess.. We always like hearing of success stories.

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    Underjams look cute...but...IMHO...Goodnites are better (relatively speaking).

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    Yeah, I tried sleeping in them last night, but found that the sides weren't holding up. Initially I like the feel of them, but the crappy sides are a deal breaker for me. Gonna go buy some Goodnites as soon as I can afford them.

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    Yeah I found they're more expensive and the sides don't do well. I like the look and feel but actual usage it has to be Good/Drynites.

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