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    Hi there,

    I've known about this forum for years and have dropped by every once in a while. But since my AB/DL-life was going great, I didn't really feel the need to do any posting.

    Anyway, stuff has changed and my situation is not as perfect as it once was. Not that it's bad, I can't complain - but maybe I just feel more of a need to chat about these things.

    A bit about myself: I live in the New York City area, I work a couple of different but very interesting jobs.

    I've been into diapers and wetting my whole life (I even remember looking at diapers when I was n pre-school) and I've had the joy to be the 'Daddy' - or whatever you call it - for three different girls, who were all into this baby-diaper-peeing-thing in varying degrees.

    I don't really like to wear and wet myself, but I very much enjoy that whole caretaking aspect: changing her diapers, carrying her to bed, giving her a binky, etc.

    Well, I guess that's all for an introduction.

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    Greetings DaddyDK,

    Does the DK stand for Donkey Kong(the gamer in me just has to know)? I'm sorry to hear that things aren't as great as they once were and we are certainly here to support each other through both good times and bad. Pure caretakers such as yourself are most definitely welcome here. Do you have any other interests that you would like to share with us? One of the great things about ADISC is that while diapers brings us together, they aren't the only thing that we talk about. We try to get to know a newcomer as a person, not just an AB, DL or CT.

    Well, welcome to ADISC and I look forward to chatting with you on the boards in the near future.

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