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    Hi there,

    I would like to introduce myself, before I become a lurker. I´ve been into diapers for my whole life. There´s only been a relatively short period where I have not worn, which was after i was potty trained at age of 3. I can remember that at age 5 I had a large box of Pampers on my x-mas list of wishes - and luckily I really received that gift. Later i often pinched diapers from my younger sister and as soon i was a teenager I bought them with my pocket money. I got cought few times, but thats another story.

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    welcome to adisc, where abouts in germany are you from

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    Willkommen auf ADISC vom anderen Ende der Welt. I hope you'll enjoy the community, you'll find great people here. What keeps you going outside the nappy world?


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    Wow, how lucky was that! (getting a box of diapers for Christmas!) So, you just asked your parents for it, and you actually got it? At the time, did you believe they came from Santa? Please tell more, and welcome to our little community.

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    Hello. That is pretty surprising that your parents got you a box of Pampers for Christmas, especially since disposables weren't really well entrenched or the de facto choice for diapering in the late '70s. But please, what other sorts of things do you get into? Any games, hobbies, activities, interests?

    And welcome!

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    Willkommen, we have a lot of members from Germany. What else are you into besides diapers?
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    welcome to ADISC and what are your other intrests like movies, music,games,tv, etc...

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