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Thread: Thank heaven for black pants....

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    Default Thank heaven for black pants....

    So, as has been suggested by many a user, I keep a spare pair of black pants in my emergency bag in my car. . .

    Today I needed it. I was wearing an M3 and I guess I vastly overestimated how much front capacity was left. I sat down in my desk and felt a warmth in my compression shorts. My eyes went wide as I realized I had leaked BIG time. the back of my pants were soaked and there was a large spot on my office chair.

    Talk about embarrassing... I am so glad I had spare pants and spare plastic pants as well. I should have listened to my normal code on m3s. They will take one wetting and be fine. After the second wetting you MUST change. I simply thought I was ok for a third. I was very wrong...

    Walking out of the office with pants that wet in any other color would have been a disaster so to reiterate other users, wear dark pants!
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    I have found that most blue jeans are very forgiving as well. Also, working alone in my own private office makes the whole coworker factor a non-issue...

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    Dark pants are the safe way to be prepared. Yesterday I was in the doctors office and my diaper was wet when I was asked to wear paper shorts. The shorts were blue. They knew about my leaking and I just made it out of the office in my black levi's. The paper shorts were just a cover over my diaper during a test.

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    Dark pants are the only thing I wear when I'm out. When a diaper leaks while wearing tan pants, it's like a neon sign blinking saying, this person is wearing a leaky diaper! If your secret was safe before, it wouldn't be any longer. I'm glad I work from home and don't have to worry about what I'm wearing (except for the waist up... d*** web cams!!) or somebody noticing a leak.

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