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    Default psp videos deleted

    its late and im tired, so, ill just describe this as best i can

    my lil cousin comes decides to come visit me here for the weekend in hes really sweet but a bit over protective at times. and this is what i mean

    when i left hom alone with my psp he decides to look at my videos. he see the video of a girl i like from school and he decides to delete it but accidentally deleted all of my videos.

    someone told me there was a wat to get them back but i dont know how.
    can anybody help me please?

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    Yes there is a way to get your stuff back, the most important thing to do is not to delete or add anything to your psp as it is right now. You can connect it to your computer and use file recovery software to get your files back. I use this, but I don't know how well the demo works.

    If you're still having trouble just google file recovery and you'll be able to find hundreds of different tutorials on how to do this.

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    Okay, not to worry. As littlepacifiergirl said, your files are all still there, they've just been marked as "blank" for now. Go ahead and plug the PSP into your computer and put it in USB mode (or pull the memory card and plug it straight into your computer if you have an MS Pro Duo reader). Make sure you know what 'drive letter' your PSP is (quick way is [Windows Key + R] then type diskmgmt.msc and press enter).

    At that point, I'd recommend Piriform's Recuva: Recuva - Undelete, Unerase, File and Disk Recovery - Free Download

    The software will help you through getting your files back.

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