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    I can't believe this happened to me

    I had been sitting down watching TV and I decided to get up and wash a few dishes. Well apparently the warm running water combined with the fact that I had to pee suddenly caused me to wet my pants.

    I wasn't wearing a diaper or training pants so I ended getting my pants, boxer shorts and, socks quite wet. What's even worse was the fact that my wife saw this happen.

    I do wear diapers at night for enjoyment when I go to bed but I'm thinking that somehow because of this my bladder has become weaker.

    Anyone else have something like this happen after wearing diapers for awhile?

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    I am no doctor, so I highly recommend that you discuss this with your physician.

    As for me, I have had a few accidents. Throughout my whole life, I have had a weak bladder when it comes to laughing. It was a real issue even in the years following my completion of potty training.

    A few months ago, I woke up to the sound of me peeing the bed. I think I should add that I don't wear to bed; not so fun. I hadn't done this ever since I was very young and while I was a bit concerned, I was also under a lot of stress at that time. With the stress gone, it hasn't happened since.

    Fortunately, my wife was understanding and didn't make a big deal out of it. It sounds like even though your accident was in front of your wife, she's very understanding, as well. ^^

    There are a lot of issues outside of wearing padding that can cause periodic accidents. To get to the bottom of this, again, contact a doctor.

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    wow, thats no fun

    As much as we all like to wear, and as much as people here joke (or stupidly ask how to do it) about "becoming incontinent" (though i'd take a no-side-effects pill that makes you incontinent for 24 hours :P), really having a serious accident represents not just a loss of control but a wholly involuntary one. Thats got to be scary for anyone. I really have to echo onecho's suggestion that you go see a doctor, you could have a UTI or something more serious (though an untreated UTI can also be serious!). The initial tests to rule out the seriously bad stuff are pretty simple and not that invasive and remember your doctor isn't there to judge you or your lifestyle (nor do you even have to mention it). I remember the last time I had a bedwetting accident I think it scared me off diapers for 6 months

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    If it was just this once... I guess it's a bit too early to go to the doctor right? Just wait and see what happens - one accident doesn't mean something all of a sudden

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    Yes I have. Once I was sitting on my bed and I could feel a little twinge that I had to go and then I wet the bed. This was after wearing diapers for awhile and also having a weaker bladder from multiple surgeries (the muscles have gotten weak)

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    This has happened to me a few times too.
    before I moved I would smoke in the bathroom. after I moved I smoked out on the patio. Twice when I went out to smoke on the patio I got an overwhelming urge to pee and couldn't stop. Wet panties, slacks and fuzzy slippers.
    I think that it was just an associative thing. When I wasn't diapered I'd smoke and pee -- my body just decided that it was going to go and I wasn't ready for the urge to be so powerful.
    But yes, if that keeps happening you should have a chat with a professional.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;812098
    I think that it was just an associative thing.
    Yeah, I agree. It's like for those who pee in the shower or in the ocean. As well as being potty trained, my body has also been trained to not ask questions about urinating when it come to being in the shower or the ocean. It's just because I've done this my whole life. I can pee without really thinking about it and if i catch myself, it's painful to hold or stop. Also for a year or so, I used to play Final Fantasy Tactics on the Psp usually only when I would went #2.. but whenever I played off the toilet I felt like I needed to go. (Sorry if TMI )

    So (I believe that) whatever you constantly do while using the bathroom will subconsciously associate itself with the act of needing to use/and using the bathroom. I've worn diapers fairly often in cycles throughout my life since I was probably ten. When I wear a diaper, I don't really need to think too much to use it and it hurts to hold it sometimes when I do.. This also makes me think that situational incontinence is possible to a certain extent. Just my thinking though.

    As for the OP's problem, I don't think there is much to worry about. Hot water on the hand and the sound of water is supposed induce urination right? But, if it happens again, I would suggest you see a Doctor.

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    Thank you to everyone for the replies. So far I've only had this happen once but as far as the urgency to go when I'm around water that seems to happen quite a bit but normally I'm able to sense I need to go. That is if I'm not wearing a diaper. I do normally wear them at night but lately I've been wearing them more often. While not 24/7 it certainly is more than just a few hours. At any rate I'm thinking that because I've been wearing so often my body has just become used to going whenever the feeling hits. Luckily it hasn't been a problem before now. I'm a non-traditional college student and while I'm at school (Most of the day) I've never had a problem with wetting. Of course I also don't wear diapers to school either so perhaps cloud is right about association.

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    The sound of running water often makes me wet my diaper, as does the sound of when I'm pumping gas into my car...

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    I have this same problem but of course, age may be part of the factor. If I'm sitting or laying down, and then get up and run water, It hits hard. Since I'm home and I don't have to feel embarrassed, I sort of like it. It makes me feel little. If I was out however, I wouldn't be happy about it at all.

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