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    Well, I've gotta say, It was well worth the wait. Simple and lacking in some areas, but goddamn, it's so much *fun*.

    Basically, if you have spore, then it's time for you all to post your creations!!

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    I'm downloading it right now (Believe me, I'd buy it if I had the money). I doubt it'll work well on my Vista laptop, though.

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    I cant even get the creature creator on my "Macbook" can anyone help me with that

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    I can't wait for it. I've got mine pre-ordered in full. I'm just waiting for Sunday to come

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    I've been thinking about buying it this sunday, worth the $50?

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    It hit the shelves here yesterday and what I read so far clearly shows that it was overhyped. It's fun, but in the end the whole development of your race is extremely simple and youre in the "space age". Where the game isnt very complex either. So its kinda fun playing around with it, but definately nothing I would want for a strategy game since it sounds like it gets boring quite fast.

    Of course these are only first opinions, but if some people can tell this after one day there seems to be some truth in it.
    Still others might be perfectly satisfied with a cute looking game where you dont have to think much.

    Meh, no edit function?

    I have to add that the Creature Generator didnt get me playing very much, so the whole customization and creating aspect doesnt really bother me at all. And I was quite sceptical all the time after I made the mistake and bought B&W...

    There are enough people who say they love it.
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    it'll be out where i live in 2 days, and i've been waiting for 2 YEARS!!! 3 years ago i heard about it and thought it might be fun. looked it up one time when i was bord and said "o, only 5 months tell it's out, thats not too long of a wait." 2 years later and now it's comming out. i might not get it just to spite them... nah.

    i refused to get the creature creater because i know it would just get me over excited and melt my brains. this is the only game i've ever been really REALLY excited for. i wasn't even this excited for super smash brothers brawl (which is great). i know my life is going to be consumed by this game, and i can't WAIT!

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    I quite like it, actually. The people whining went into this expecting The best creature editing game (Creature Phase), The greatest RTS (civilization phase), etc.. I didn't have any expectations other than making random hillarious creatures and just fooling around with them. spore is absolutely *awesome* like that. Just buy it and expect to have fun, but don't expect anything too amazing with all the genres it mixes together.

    But holy shit, The editor absolutely kicks *ass*. Creatures was just the beginning, there absolutely *hundreds* of vehicles, houses, outfits, spaceships, airships, and just other crap to make and play around with. I could just spend hours making stuff.

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    Well I got a copy not saying how.. I am just now in the national stage. Anyways its pretty fun though there are still limits and constraints on what you can and can not do. Such as you can only be a herbivore or a carnivore no in between. Also designing stuff yourself is a major part of the fun.

    Anyways here is a clip of my monster.

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    Here are the creatures I have made...But you should know that they are from that free download and not the actual game...Who knows if I will actually buy it... Pojopod/Spore - Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

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