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    Has anyone ever taken there diaper off and been extremely lucky they did? For me ive had a few number 2 blowouts that i am really glad i didnt have to clean up from a diaper. And once i just randomly decided to take off a very noticable diaper 2 hours before i thought i needed to ( just not feeling it) and my mom came home ten minutes later.

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    Yes, I have had a few moments that would fall under this topic.

    Of course, without going into too much detail, the former has occured. On more than a few occasions, I have been grateful towards the fact that I am toilet trained.

    As for the latter, I have had situations nearly identical to yours. Once, over summer break during college, I stayed behind for an internship while my roomie went home. Since it was warm and the apartment had a weak air conditioner, I decided to sleep in the living room.

    For two months, I pretty much made the apartment my nursery. Nothing extravagant, but I left my padding out and slept on a Care Bear blanket on the floor. It was wonderful and I slept quite peacefully.

    Then, about a week before my roomie was due to return, I decided to put my stuff away. I don't know why, but something told me it was a smart idea.

    That very day, after I had returned home from work, I found my intuition was impeccable, because there he was watching television, sitting on the floor, right where my 'bed' had been.

    I don't know what to call it: a sixth sense, I suppose. It's inexplicable and its effectiveness is sporadic at best. However, it's something we all have.

    I'm just glad it showed up for work that day in particular.

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    This is a really well written thread with an intelligent, original question; and to be honest, I really expected more replies. So I can only hope someone else will see my reply and continue this thread.

    To answer your question, I do believe I have. I have done your second situation multiple times when my dad has come home a bit early, or my brother comes home earlier than expected due to him getting a ride home.

    There have also been several times I have been thankful for the toilet. Some of us don't enjoy anything about messing, so I can only be thankful for being potty trained, like onecho said.

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    There have been a few...but one in particular that stands out.
    Last year, I was done with school about a week before everyone else, so while everyone else was gone one day (school, work, etc.) I decided to pad up. Well, long story short, the diaper I was wearing wasnt fitting right and kept getting a little messed up, so I just decided that if I can't get the thing to work right, I'll just take it off.
    Not even 30 seconds after i took it off and hid it in my room, my older brother comes home and brings his friends.
    I was so glad that I took it off, him and his friends wouldve saw me sleeping on the couch in only a diaper. Im so glad I did that

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