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Thread: What are the best cloth backed disposables?

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    Default What are the best cloth backed disposables?

    I have slowly been realizing that I prefer cloth-backed disposables to plastic-backed. I think this might be because baby diapers were transitioning to cloth-backed when I was around 4-6, when I was stealing diapers from my sister and trying to buy pull-ups (Which were also cloth backed).

    My question to you, super awesome members of, is are there any cloth-backed disposables that you like? Which brands are the best? I'm looking for anything, store bought or online.

    Thanks a bunch!


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    I have found that Certainty brand (walgreens) is a very goo cloth backed diaper. They. One in packs of 40 and only cost like 19.99 or something. So they are both absorbant and cheap. Now, you should be able to find better cloth-backed diapers online somewhere bu these are probably a good starting point.

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    CVS store brand (cloth backed) have made some improvements since I've used them a coupe years ago. I was inbetween online diaper shipments recently and bought a pack and was actually really impressed. The tapes are bigger than before and much stronger reinforced. I don't mean they stick stronger, I mean the tapes won't tear off from the material anymore.

    Absorbancy wise they're weren't that bad either, I didn't have many leak problems, and they performed well as a nighttime diaper. One of the best parts was the padding in the front has been reduced (which scared me at first, being a dude) but this actually allows the pee to properly transfer to the back of the diaper where the most padding is, allowing for a nice saggy butt. They're the best store brand I've ever used. I imagined them as pampers for adults, minus the baby scent and coloring of course.

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    Thanks guys! I will seriously look into those. Now to see if there are any super ones online...

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    Butterfly Mage


    The Attends "breathable" diapers in the extra-absorbent tier is actually a pretty decent diaper. It holds a lot, can be easily refastened, and is not terribly expensive.

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    The Tena Super and the Abena AirPlus M4s are both great. The Tena is good for daytime use if you don't want a diaper that's too thick. The Abena Air Plus is really thick and thirsty.

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    The Tena Ultra or Tena Super are great diapers.

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    The Seni super trio from Polland is good, Seni - Pieluchomajtki, pieluchy, pampersy dla doros . I use it in the summer.

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    I'll second the vote for the Tena Super, but add that my favorite diaper, and the only one I buy any real quantity of is the Tena Stretch Super. They're just like the regular Supers, but feature a stretchy belt on each side, with wide Velcro-like tabs on each. The fit is great, and they really move with you. Love 'em.

    Honestly, I'm not sure why the AB community hasn't picked up on these yet. They're as close to a baby diaper as any adult will get. Heck, I'm just DL and I adore them just for their practicality. I think the smartest thing about Tena's designs is that they put more absorbent material in the crotch, where all fluids will end up, rather than making the diaper thicker up front on around back.

    Just about the only thing that I think would make them better is if they included leak guards.


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    The Abri-Form "Premium" is, by far, the best cloth backed diaper.

    That being said, cloth backing SUCKS by default!

    It sags, stretches, has poor tape adhesion, and a myriad of other problems that do not affect plastic backed diapers...

    But the cloth backed diapers I have tried also include the Attends Extended wear and the Tena Super. I hated them both! The Attends was an awful peach color and not really that comfortable. The Tena super is a little more comfortable, but stretches REALLY bad, and the tapes fall off the back sheet! Both not too good, really.

    The Abri-Form "Premium" is very comfortable, and breathable. The tapes do not fall off the back sheet. They do stretch quite a bit, though.

    I don't know, I'm really not a fan of cloth backing because of all the problems. But, if you have to buy cloth, the Abri-Form "Premium" gets a resounding "Yes" from me.

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