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  • Yes; I like it.

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  • Yes; I don't like it.

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  • No; I have no intentions of having intercourse.

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  • No; but I want to have sex in the future.

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Thread: Sex?

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    Question Sex?

    I'm just wondering do you guys/girls have/had sex and what do you think about it?

    Also another question; when you masturbate do you masturbate exclusively to diaper pornography or sometimes to normal heterosexual porn?


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    Quote Originally Posted by Ladeeda View Post
    when you masturbate do you masturbate exclusively to diaper pornography or sometimes to normal heterosexual porn?
    Are those the only two types now? I'd advise not looking at anything Japanese in origin...

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    I've had sex once, and it was a drunken awkaward one night stand, which i'd like to improve on, It wasn't fantastic but I didn't not enjoy it.

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    Interesting topic, but you leave out some choices on your poll. Indifference to sex should be included, as it's not that I don't like sex, but I wouldn't go as far as saying I like it.

    On the topic of masturbation, I tend to, I suppose depending on your definition of pornography masturbate to diaper porn. I tend to use more fantasy then actual images, but this is almost always what I use. If I'm not going to masturbate to diaper porn, then it would be to omorashi/desperation (pants wetting). But even when I'm having sex, if I don't think about diapers, I have a difficult time to actually get off. It's sort of upsetting in some ways, but it's who I am, and I'm happy for that.

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    honestly, i don't really like "normal" heterosexual (or any other sexual) porn. it's just weird for me.
    but... yeah. the internet is great, as long as you know where to look.

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    Well I think I might comment that I am a heterosexual and enjoy nude women but pornography and pictures of anybody in diapers don't excite me in that way.

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    I don't look at porn. I was looking at diaper pictures. Then I saw the comments section....eeuggh.

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    I masturbate fairly often, I rarely masturbate to "normal" porn, lesbian/hetero porn has no effect on my member whatsoever, gay porn, I can get off on. But, I usually watch/look at porn to do with one of my many fetishes, diapers included, but by no means do I look at diaper porn exclusively. When I watch fetish porn, the person in it doesn't matter, I'm interested in the situation, not the person, so their gender and looks are of no interest or matter to me.

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