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    Hey this is greg saying hello to a new forum. I have been into diapers for a few years at this point. I am kind of still in the closet to all of this, but each month I become more accepting of it.

    I have been a life long bedwetter who has never been out of diapers at night, unless you count the few years of goodnights when I was in middle school.

    My parents have both been very supportive of me throughout all of this, but they have no idea that I enjoy some aspects. Wetting your bed every night might seem like a dream to some ab/dls, but its not all that glamourous.

    I only recently started wearing during the day time, but I built up to it by putting my night diapers on earlier, and leaving them on later in the morning.

    I think thats it,


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    Hello and welcome! It's always nice to have another new face around... especially someone who has a legitimate need and still manages to enjoy their diapers.

    How old are you exactly? What brands are you currently using?

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    Welcome to ADISC. This is THE AB/DL forum. It's pretty awesome here, so I'm sure you'll enjoy it.

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