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    Does anyone else wish that would sell big paci's for big babies?

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    Does anyone else wish that would sell big paci's for big babies?
    you bettya lol, u can get them from pacifires r us if you want a big pacifier

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    As Alvin said, there are quite a few vendors that sell them already. I'm not really sure why they would need to be sold at Bambino.

    If you're looking to buy an adult sized pacifier, my suggestions would be either Pacifiers R Us, Amazon, or Ebay. The advantage to Pacifiers R Us is that they have a wide selection of guards. If the guard design isn't as much of an issue for you, I would suggest checking out either amazon or ebay as they run about $10 cheaper than on Pacifiers R Us. Doing a search for Nuk 5, or Nuk medic pro should give you a good selection to choose from.

    Hope you have good luck find something if you're in the market for one. I purchased one from amazon recently and I highly reccomend it if you like pacifiers and have only been exposed to the ones sized for toddlers.

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