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    Default Ashy says hi!

    Hi @ all

    My name is Ash and started to wet the bed 3 weaks ago. i really couldnt believe it but it just happend nearly every day...
    We were at the doctor 2 times and it maybe have something to do with me grwoing to much last year and my bladder not or something like this.. i dont know if this could be, but it seems so...

    Now my parents akkording to the doctor decided to put me in diapers to sleep...
    at first i was so scared of it and how it would feel like .. but now i had to admit besides the embrassing feeling i started to like the feeling very much. I dont know why.

    i was sent to this website because i registered in DaiylDiapers and they told me i am to young -.-
    Maybe i get the chance to meet some nice people here that chat with me or tell me why i like diapers now...
    i am also scared that i have to wear them at daytime too later, because i read some storys about it and it felt like i have to go to toilet more often.
    there is also another problem with liking the diapers, maybe you guess it or part of it..

    Want to know more? just ask me..

    My hobbys are playing PC games like minecraft, league of legends and i am very addicted to Pokémon TV show and Games!
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    This is really strange! Why on earth would you get out in diapers at nighttime after just a few wet beds? That's certainly not a very rational response, and not one I could see a doctor recommending!

    Do you mind if I ask where you're from? I know you've said you're not allowed to tell, but surely you could give us a continent or something?

    In the meantime, we talk about a lot more than diapers here, so why don't you tell us a little bit more about your outside interests or hobbies!

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    I've never been in a situation like that, Ash, but I think I understand how you feel. I'm glad you came to us here at ADISC, because we truly want to help. I would love to help you through this, so I will send you a PM, and you can ask me any questions you have. I know this is a hard thing to deal with, as I have struggled with my feelings my entire life (I'll tell you about that if you would like, as it might help), but I have faith you'll make it through. If you need someplace to turn, we're here for you. I promise we will never, ever judge you, no matter what.

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    Hi Ash. I kinda know where you are at. The same thing happened to me but at an older age. I just started wetting my bed and pants all the sudden. I had to start wearing diapers. I to like them now. I think in my case it makes me feel safe. It makes me secure that I will not be embarrassed by having an accident in public. I do not think it is weird at all that your Mom and doctor agree on the diapers at night. It is a much more comfortable solution than always having a wet bed. Even if it is temporary it makes it easier for everyone involved. There are many reasons why you could start wetting the bed and I am sure the Doctor will help you find the cause. I think that you wanting to wear them more during the day is normal. It may not be a bad idea to wear them out if you feel you are going to have an accident. You may find yourself more at ease when you do wear one. But I would talk with your mom about it and see what she says. Don't feel bad that you want to wear them or like to wear them that is very natural for your situation. I Am here if you have any questions about my situation. I am here to Help and let you know that in a way I know what you are going through.

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    Thank you all for your kindness, i really feel good now, because you are so nice!

    @ binkygirl do you really have to wear diapers day and night now? and there was no real reason? Do you rly think i should wear diapers at daytime too, wont i get used to them?

    @ turfy thanks a lot for your PM! i will answer it soon!

    Its not that i am going crazy about my night time diapers, i try to accept them and that i like them makes this part more easy. I am just wondering about these feelings.
    I mean i started to like a lot about them, in just a few days.. the smell, the crinkling, the softness, the smooth touch on the outside..... but its also very very embarrassing to wear them and to wake up and feel how squishy it is now...

    Hm want to know more about me.. i am a Pokémon Fan as far as i can think off, my room is full with posters, stuffed animals, cards and so on.. some say i am to old but some are older and like it the same way.
    So i often play Pokémon Soul Silver and Pokémon White.

    I also like other Animes like Naruto!

    I also like to play table tennis, go swimming and doing photos.

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    Thanks for sharing more! We like to know you, at least a little. It really helps us help you.

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    Maybe you ask me some questions, then i answer you all i can ^^

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