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Thread: The 11 cent diaper deal

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    Default The 11 cent diaper deal

    Yesterday I landed a great deal on a diaper closeout at Walgreens. 112 diapers for around $13.00
    Now I did use 3 Depends coupons on the closeouts on adjustable underwear with velcro closures. I am not a fan of Underwear but the price was right. The prize was the store brand fitted briefs with triple layer maximum protection with closures all on clearance in my size that I can wear as stuffers if necessary. They compare these to Depends. The diapers were all cloth which I do not prefer but with plastic pants they will work great.

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    I've noticed that Walgreen's has closeout deals like this fairly frequently. If I happen to be in a Walgreen's I usually swing by the closeout section just in case.

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    I did that once. About 70 diapers for $8 at a Walgreen's clearance. Mostly depend underwear for men which I ended up giving to a local thrift store because my cotton briefs are more absorbent. I did get a full pack of the depend adjustable underwear which I personally really like; they absorb more than any other depend product (even the depends max) and are one of the softest products ever. Walgreens is an odd store; so overpriced in almost every way but their adult briefs are quite reasonable and their clearance prices put other stores to shame.

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