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Thread: Thank you Moo!

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    Default Thank you Moo!

    I just wanted to thank Moo publicly for giving this forum a chance!


    Thanks Moo!

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    ^^ Couldn't agreed less!!!!

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    I second babyjess's thanks to Moo. Even though I do not fit into this category it is nice to have a place where I can ask questions and receive answers from those who do, just like with the IC forum.

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    I agree, a big thanks to Moo. While i am not a sissy/girl and do not agree with it, there are many good people here that are and i think its great that there own forum has been given a chance. I'm sure some Adiscers are very happy about it.

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    I'm happy that this forum has been made, even though I'm generally against the creation of new fora.

    It'll be interesting to see what ADISC does with a sissy forum. I hope the threads that get made here are interesting, tactful and helpful. I think sissies are generally seen as being at the more extreme end of ABDLism... I remember finding it amusing when I saw an ADISC member make a post explaining how normal being a DL was, ending his post by saying that at least he wasn't like the 'crazy sissies' who 'take things too far'. Some people can be quite short sighted.
    I hope this forum, on this lovely PGish website, can shed some of the weirdo stigma off us sissies, and show what lovely sweethearts we can really be!

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    Cool I just learned this forum exists!!! Yay!!

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    I would like to add my voice, and thank Moo, too, for giving this forum a chance. I would also like to thank Icey for her gentle, but persistent effort to establish a forum like this. Thanks Moo. Thanks Icey.

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    Thank you Moo and anyone else involved in this. I thought the LG/Sissy group was sufficient so hadn't lobbied for anything, but I see the activity here as valuable and am enjoying the discussions so far. It's something that I didn't realize we were really lacking until we had it.

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    Thanks, Moo!! For giving this a chance & for dealing with such a determined & persistent person like I was about this, even though I know it most likely got on your nerves!! Again, thank you so much, Moo!! ^_^

    fifigal, you are welcome, but it is Moo who allowed this to happen!!

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    This site is pretty awesome. Have to
    admit that my day starts by checking the forums, seeing what amazing people on here have to say about a broad range of topics with people who share a common interest.

    Thanks Moo, and also Moderators and of course, the contributors!

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