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    Default Hello out there

    I am the male human referred to as Cathcart.

    I have lurked for a while and finally decided to participate. I am hoping to learn a little bit more about myself and my desire for regression and at the same time perhaps learn more about the world in general.

    I split my time between working a thankless job in healthcare, which I actually enjoy (the job part, not the thankless part), being a good father/unmarried husband, and sleep.

    This leaves little would for other interests. These would include observing nature, watching hockey, reading far too many books for my own good, and imagining an idyllic back to the eath lifestyle that is so full of contradiction that it could not possibly exist.

    I hope all goes well with this new endeavor.

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    Welcome to the site. Look around and take your time to get comfortable. You will soon find it's safe here and the moderators keep it that way. You are with friends you haven't met yet bit will. Take an active role and express yourself.

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    We welcome you, Cathcart. I know kinda how you feel about starting off. I lurked here for a bit before joining too. Just take your time, and feel free to join the chat if you'd like. There is almost always some one there, day or night (there are infanilists/ICs all over the world), and the converations are always interesting. I personally spend alot of time there. Its a great place to turn if you are ever in a crisis and need to talk, too. We are all very supportive, we understand, and never, ever judge. Welcome to the ADISC community.

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