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Thread: Interaction between sissies/little girls and little boys in play

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    Default Interaction between sissies/little girls and little boys in play

    I have the opportunity to go to a play party next week and it will be a mixed event with both little boys and sissies. This will be my first time interacting with others while regressing(hopefully I can without my nervousness stopping me) and I have a few questions on etiquette. Since we have this brand new board I figured this would be the perfect place to ask.

    I consider myself a little boy and was wondering if saying or doing things that real 3-5 years old boy do to girls would be acceptable as long as I am careful to stop if I receive any hint that the other person doesn't like it. For example, would it be alright to tug on a sissy's ponytail/pigtail(as long as its not a wig that would easily come off) and run away? Or say something like "Nah nah, you can't play with my truck cause your a giiirl." and stick my tongue out? Reference to girls having cooties would be another thing.

    To me, these things seem like they would really add to the realism of the play. While as an adult I know that doing these things is wrong and close to sexism and harassment, as a little boy it would be normal behavior. The tricky part that I see is being able to tell the difference between when the sissy angrily responds as a 3-5 year old girl would do in this situation but secretly enjoys it because he/she can get into the part too and when the sissy really doesn't like it. I'm thinking that facial expression would be the best indicator.

    So I am asking all sissies, would you have fun if a little boy did something like this to you while ageplaying? This could be either in person or online roleplaying. I'd welcome input from other little boys too.

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    I'm more of a cross-dresser than a sissy but most of my kinks overlap. When I imagine sissy play it's sexist because it plays on gender stereotypes so in theory it should be fine. However, I'm not there and I don't really know how most people would respond. If a random stranger ran up and grabbed my hair, I would probably be at the very least freaked out. As for cooties and such I think there should be absolutely no problem with that.

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    I don't identify as a sissy, but I am a girl so I hope you don't mind me chipping in.

    This kind of little boys being mean to little girls happens a lot when the irc occasionally slips into role-play; I get told I can't play because I'm a girl or that I have cooties, and in response I say boys are smelly etc. That said, this usually takes place between other members on the chat who I have been talking to here for a long time, and I know it is done affectionately and part of playing as the little girl/boy. I do enjoy this during online role-play.

    However, I don't think I would take so kindly to this behaviour in a real-life role-play setting. Being physically hurt or told you can't join in with a game hurts, whether it is meant seriously or meant as part of role-play. I particularly wouldn't like having my hair pulled for real, regardless of whether this is what real little boys might do to girls. I also wouldn't like being told I couldn't join in with a game because I was a girl if this was followed through with. However, if I asked to see your truck and you said no because I'm a girl I don't think I would mind, and would reply with trucks are silly anyway. I think it depends on whether the way you behave is likely to hurt, exclude or upset the person playing as a little girl, or just tease them slightly. If little girls are the minority then in particular it may make them feel like they stand out or are being singled out, which in a real-life meet may make people feel uncomfortable. I am aware that as a girl I am in the minority in the AB community, and that at real-life meets I would be more concerned about standing out than I would be online. That said, I recognise that the point-of-view of a male playing a little girl may be different to my own point-of-view as a female playing a little girl; whilst I wouldn't want to be treated differently as a little girl a male may wish for his gender during role-play to be high-lighted. As such a sissy may have more reason to enjoy being teased for being a girl, and thus for his status as a girl to be high-lighted, than I would do.

    Really, my advice would be not to make any decisions regarding how you will, or won't, act until you have met the people you will be role-playing with and are able to gauge the general atmosphere, and how seriously people are taking it. If this is the first time you have interacted with these people as a little boy then I would concentrate on trying to make friends with everybody and to ensure everybody is happy and feeling comfortable. Once you have gotten to know people, and their personalities both as adults and as little boys/girls, then this kind of teasing might be something you build into future play parties, but I would wait until you know people and can judge how it will be received. I certainly wouldn't go around making a big deal about the girls being girls and the boys being boys until you have gained some indication that this is okay, and that the little girls won't mind.

    If this is not the first meet between these people, but only your first time attending, then another idea would be to talk to somebody who has been before and ask them how far people take the role-playing, and whether that kind of teasing is accepted within the group and would be seen as light-hearted fun rather than a personal attack. A little tongue-poking, light name-calling or gender-stereotyping (eg: girls can't play with your truck) may be fine, but things like hair-pulling or excluding from games probably isn't okay until you have built up the trust of that person and are sure that they won't mind, as these things could genuinely hurt a person or ruin their role-playing experience.

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    Yeah, pulling the hair of a stranger would be a very bad idea. These will be people that I've already met at a meet-up(munch) before in a public setting with no age play involved and talked to online. I guess I could ask beforehand but that would take most of the fun out of it. I'm not really even planning on doing any of it, it would be more of a spur of the moment thing if the situation looks right.

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    You made some excellent points, babyjess. These questions were definitely for real little girls too. I never even thought that it could be taken as actually being exclusionary . That is something that I'll be very careful about. I wasn't thinking of anything long-term, more on the lines of how kids are quick to insult , quick to apologize, and quick to forgive. As for the hair pulling, it wouldn't be anything that would actually hurt, just a gentle tug. The sissy/little girl might even have the chance to return the favor since my hair is long and I haven't decided yet if I am going to wear it down, in a ponytail(would be reminiscent of the rat tail I had as a kid, but I'm not cutting the rest of my hair and leaving a small part of the back long just to play the part), or hidden under a ball cap.

    You are definitely right about gauging the atmosphere and that is something that I plan on doing. Like I said earlier, I probably won't be doing any of this but I wanted to ask around just in case I got there and really got into it so I would know the boundaries to set for myself so that I don't cross any lines. Tis a tricky balancing act setting rules for yourself when the whole point of doing something like this is to let go and act like a kid again.

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    babyjess said it all really!

    Just to offer a male sissy point of view, I think the behaviour you describe would be acceptable towards males sissies, because as jess says being singled out for being a girl is part of the fun! Hair pulling would be a definite no-no however. Even a gentle hair pulling would be enough to annoy the hell out of me, even if I knew you had the best intentions. I think a good general rule to have is always assume anything physical is off limits until specifically discussed and accepted.
    Not letting a sissy play with your truck would be perfectly acceptable IMO, and would probably be what a sissy wanted to hear!

    Have fun at your play party! Please let us know how it goes, and how your boyish antics are received!

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    I agree with babyjess, as a little girl.

    I think in person or in text based rp I would need that sort of pre-negotiated. A lot of men aren't aware of the problems of sexism that still exist. If in a chat space a boy playfully spanks me or whatever- I don't know his reference for understanding sexism. I feel hurt and genuinely discriminated against because it's possible it's real. It's not fun anymore. I'd need tremendous trust even for the little things like being told I can't play. I tend not to rp with men because of this.

    There's a thing in ABDL communities when you're just talking to people, either via skype or in tinychat or anywhere, where men have a tendency to immediately do play spanking or hair tugging or whatever or allude to it.

    That sends me into instant "Do not talk to me right now or ever again, stop it," mode. It's all fun and games for them (whether they are genuinely sexist or not- which I don't know)- it feels like hurtful devaluation of me as a person though, whether it is or not- and to purposefully disregard my feelings as a person is still devaluation of me as a person. O.o (I mean, even if you were an actual little boy, it would be sexist behavior, just copied sexist behavior pushed upon you by your parent's views of gender roles.)

    Sooo... That has to be negotiated with people that identify as women at least. I'm fine with all of that if I'm comfortable with it and have had a conversation and feel like someone gets it, and I feel safe.

    I think since it's hard to tell who's what gender identity based on their clothing if there's a mixed group of sissies and little girls, it might be prudent to always ask. O.o I think personal boundaries should always be negotiated before playing at all or saying anything like that really...

    Good call on asking!

    Good call on

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    Just a quick update. It was recently posted that there will be a "girls only"(very loose definition of the the word girl) tea party in another room and no little boys are allowed. We are also told that as long as we don't misbehave the ladies won't neglect us. So it looks like they are playing into the stereotypes a bit but there are definitely some guidelines to it.

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